Top Educational Games For Students

People of all ages love to play. According to Statista, there were about 2.7 billion gamers in the world in 2020, and their numbers are only expected to grow!

Games are uniquely well-suited to provide educational content – they carry a visual component of cinema, good writing, and compelling phrasing books, but they can also spice it all up with interactive features. So, it is only natural that video games become increasingly more common in the field of modern education.

5 Great Educational Games for Students

The technology found its way into education a long time ago. Nowadays, there are many tech advancements that aid students, like software for editing content and eliminating plagiarism, which Lets Grade It can teach you all about. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that games will educate us now too. Here are the top 5 picks when it comes to combining gaming and education!

1) Minecraft.

World of Minecraft entirely consists of cubic blocks, therefore any construction requires certain planning skills and basic knowledge of mathematics. It also delivers a concept, similar in behavior to electric current, while the new update introduces wireless signal.

In 2016, Mojang partnered with Microsoft to release Minecraft: Education Edition, which teaches students programming, math, and teamwork.

2) SimCity.

This city-building simulator allows players to create and run a city. In it, every player’s decision has real consequences for industrial development. This game also has a version, specifically intended for education – SimCityEdu. A recent update to SimCityEdu is called the Pollution Challenge. In it, students must build a city in the face of climate change. Thus, SimCity teaches to solve current real-life problems.

If you want to discover other fun games to play, check out these top five games of 2020. You can enjoy them at any age, so don’t hesitate to try!

3) Assassin’s Creed: Discovery Tour.

The Assassin’s Creed series has always impressed us with remarkable historical settings, showering us with information about significant historical events, buildings, people, etc. Yet, the developers took it even further, turning the game’s open-world into an interactive museum.

Discovery Tour mode offers a world completely open for exploration, provides a selection of historically accurate tours, which can teach students about life in Ancient Egypt, Greece, lands of Vikings, etc. It even helps visualize and explore the daily routines of ancient humans. Assassin’s Creed: Discovery Tour allows an unmatched opportunity for fun self-education and historical-cultural tourism. Being a game, it is highly immersive – more so than any textbook or presentation has the ability to be.

4) Civilizations.

In this game players can try themselves as famous political leaders – Cleopatra, Genghis Khan, Catherine the Great, Theodore Roosevelt – you name it. Each country you play for has its own unique features, dictated by its history and culture. This game teaches students about history, helps develop strategy skills, as well as teaches diplomacy.

Fun fact! Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is very fond of this game. He stated online that he has been playing the series since high school and that it was one of the reasons he got into engineering.

Unfortunately, many modern students can’t find time to play video games, even such helpful ones as are mentioned in this article. Their workload seldom leaves free time to play. If you want to enjoy games once in a while, you can buy term papers and make some extra time for educational gaming.

5) Kerbal Space Program.

Kerbal Space Program is famous for making its players experts in astrodynamics. The game itself is a rather meticulous simulator of spacecraft construction – with it, you can experience building and launching your rocket into space, complete space missions. It also has an educational modification – KerbalEdu, which enhances the game with various additional features to help make it an educational tool. It helps study engineering, physics, mathematics.

When playing high-resolution games that offer the best visuals, you need a beefy computer. Check out these 10 Best gaming laptops for students if you need an upgrade. A new computer will also be a great addition to your education.

Game On

Video games are gradually becoming an integral part of our lives, even seeping into the educational field. No wonder why! They are able to simulate the entire world in great detail, effectively put any subject into practice, visualizing the learning experience. We don’t know about you, but we are eager to add a fun gaming component to our daily studies!

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