Tricks to Make your Favorite Food Healthier!

The only obstacle that stands between you and a healthy diet is the taste buds that keeps on pulling you back to those unhealthy yet tasty food items available in the market. You can’t keep on eating boiled vegetables and drinking soup throughout the day, but there are many ways you can even maintain health and taste. 

There are many tips and tricks you can use to make your favorite food healthier or vice versa. No need to wait for an entire month to get your favorite pasta on the plate, or no need to keep on killing your taste buds by eating steamed vegetables only. 

So, let’s go through the easy healthy dinner ideas through this blog post without any further ado. 

Make your dishes creamy without actually using cream 

You might be relying on heavy butter, cheese, or cream to make the creamy sauce for fettuccine alfredo and homemade macaroni. But there is one way you can ditch cream and make velvety sauces by using only low fat milk that can be easily thickened with flour. 

For making this cream substitute, combine four teaspoons of all-purpose flour with one cup of low-fat milk. Then put them on heat and keep whisking until it gets thick. 

Using this simple yet effective recipe can save your body from almost 680 calories you usually get while consuming the regular creamy sauce for fettuccine alfredo and homemade macaron. This tip surely tops the list of easy healthy dinner ideas. 

Start reducing the amount of oil used 

Both extra virgin olive oil and canola oil are ideal for keeping your heart healthy, but still, they contain 120 calories per tablespoon. And therefore, instead of considering extra virgin olive oil and canola oil as a healthy option and pouring it all over your dishes, you should start reducing the amount of oil used for cooking. 

This simple practice won’t affect the taste of your dishes, but it can cut down on calories. Just use as much oil as necessary to keep the food away from sticking on cast iron, nonstick, or stovetop. 

Get rid of grease for crispy fried foods 

The best way to keep including crispy fried foods without deep frying is to switch to the innovative idea of oven-frying. You get the same taste but fewer calories by using this simple cooking technique, and that’s why it has been included in the list of easy healthy dinner ideas. 

Just dip the fish, chicken, or vegetable in buttermilk, dredge seasoned breadcrumbs and spray olive oil all over it. Then put the whole dish in the oven and bake it until crispy. 

Use a salt shaker 

According to the standard rules, one should bring down the sodium consumption to around 2,300 mg but keeping your sodium intake as per the standard guideline can be tough as no one is ready to compromise on the taste. 

A better alternative to reducing sodium intake is using sodium-free flavor boosters like lemon or chopped herbs. There are many other low sodium options available in the market, so check the nutritional components and replace the salt overdose without compromising on the taste. 

Instead of turning to healthy but bland dishes, you can use the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog post to make sure you keep your taste buds satisfied without compromising on your health. All the tips mentioned here are easy to incorporate into your daily life, and they don’t require significant changes.

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