Tula Skincare issue addressed as netizens clash over brand’s Instagram post, Details explained

On Instagram on January 30th, Tula Skincare declared its opposition to racism and its refusal to condone discrimination. Despite its cluelessness, customers have linked the message to Katie Starks, a popular beauty blogger and influencer. Over the last two years, Starks has been outspoken about her political beliefs, namely her opposition to laws that require people to wear masks in public areas like her children’s school. Yet, the influencer has been accused of promoting and supporting anti-vaccine rallies in Canada. Rumour has it that some demonstrators also displayed Nazi insignia and confederate flags. The influencer has responded to the charges on Instagram Stories, where she claims they are false.

Starks responded, “I’m being blown up with messages,” referring to the messages and the tags that Tula had sent out. I’m well aware of this fact. Tomorrow at 11:30 a.m., I have another appointment with an attorney, during which we will discuss, among other things, our potential next moves with the brands and the falsehoods that they have been spreading. People, mobs, have also come after us. Possibly prefer hearing others’ thoughts to reading emails or catching up on other things. But I was planning on telling you everything. Starks also said that the chaos she has experienced due to the internet and brand cancellations had affected her mental and emotional health.

Effects of Tula’s Statement and Support for Katie Starks

The letter has been received with various responses among internet users; some people have defended Starks, while others have praised the corporation for speaking out. Many individuals have shown their respect and support in response to Starks and her husband’s advocacy of individual rights and the right to free speech. The decision made by Tula to sever ties with the power broker has led to several individuals calling for a boycott of the company. Fans disagree with the message’s claims that the sender is ignorant and hateful. They feel the influencer should have the ability to decide for herself about her political opinions as well as the choices she makes regarding her own body.

Here are some tweets from devoted fans:

Redditor u/gourmet fried rice, who argues in favour of Tula Skincare, claims to be aware of the company’s choice and rationale. They elaborated in the comments that Starks was accused of threatening riots because of her views on the current demonstrations by Canadian truck drivers. Starks and her husband went “live” on Instagram last year to protest the mask requirement. It’s no secret that the pair is extreme conservatives who oppose immunization.

Furthermore, they also discussed organizing a charity drive to help police officers and their families. Several individuals began to use the hashtag #unsubscribe, Starks, to urge that she be removed from marketing lists for firms that support her. Starks responded two weeks ago during an Instagram Live when three sponsors dropped out as a result. She said the scenario was the result of cancel culture and haters.

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