TXT’s Soobin mistakenly uses a racial slur, MOAs try to educate him

During one of his video fansign meetings, TXT leader Soobin was filmed using an anti-black slur, which landed him in hot water. Some of TXT’s fans, also known as MOAs, are upset that Soobin made such an inconsiderate error, and they are trying to teach him better manners in the future. On September 13, MOAs located a fan who had uploaded video footage of a conversation that took place between her and Soobin at a fan sign. When the fan and the other fans realised that their idol had accidentally uttered a slur, they laughed it off and went on with their day. Later, the fan who tweeted the interaction said that she hadn’t been aware that it had been uploaded, so she erased the tweet.

MOAs are furious when Soobin makes a racial insult

During a fan sign event, the TXT member Soobin had a fan question him about his pet hedgehog, ODI. She inquired about the future pet the idol would want to have and the name of that animal. Soobin said he wanted a raccoon and would call it “C*on-ie,” omitting the first three letters of the word to make it seem more adorable. Historically, the term has been used as a disparaging racial slur.

Soobin, who lives on a different continent, might be unaware that the phrase is considered an anti-Black slur, as several of his Twitter followers have said they were unaware of this fact even while living in the United States. They still desire to teach and enlighten themselves about their hero, even after he has accidentally hurt their feelings. Find here the responses of MOAs to the crisis. By doing so, they are helping the artist in their education and spreading the news to every other fan who wins the fan sign.

As we just discovered, the TikTok staff will have to inform Soobin that the image she posted is incorrect. And as one user put it, “if y’all don’t teach him at the next fan sign, I vow.” I could care less if you hurt txt’s reputation as a problem-free collective, but you’re the ones who are going to cause it. Please, for the love of God, have someone inform Soobin that this is offensive. Please inform Soobin about the meaning of the term “next fansign,” which was brought up by another user; he probably only knows it as an abbreviation for “racoon” at this point.

MOAs also noted that Soobin’s actions here should not be seen as evidence of his racism since they resulted from a lack of education rather than malicious intent. Remarkably, HYBE’s TXT has avoided any significant scandals since its release this year. There have been a few small incidents, such as the lightstick design seeming similar to SHINee’s, Taehyun’s misconstrued statements concerning record sales, and cultural appropriation in the group’s second picture book series. In general, though, TXT has never been implicated in any major controversy.

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