Udaariyaan 16 June 2022 episode update: Jasmine informs the Virk about Tejo

The most recent Udaariyaan news and developments are included in this post. This series has a strong reputation among regular people all across the world. Because of the superior TRO, it runs faultlessly and presents a very nice image on television. Tanya, the girl who is now living with the Sandhu family, is shown in a promotional video as having misgivings about trusting the Sandhus since she did not come as Tejo. Tanya was discovered by Jasmine and Amrik in London, and when they informed Fateh of their discovery, he arranged for her to make her way back to the Sandhu family disguised as Tejo. You could get further information on the episode if you look here.

The episode of Udaariyaan on 16th June 2022

When Rupy tells his family that he was unable to communicate with the supposed Tejo (Tanya), they all come to the conclusion that Tanya was not a Tejo. Tejo’s psychotic condition causes her to say Fateh’s name, which raises the suspicions of Fateh’s family. When we last saw Fateh and Tejo, they were in the process of traveling to the ashram earlier in the day. On the other side, Jasmine is scouring the fair in an attempt to find Tejo. Tejo tells Amma and her friends that Fateh is her Groom as soon as they get at the ashram. Amma is surprised by this news. And everyone is shocked when they come face to face with him. Tejo believes that they had a pleasant experience at the exhibition.

The latest written update of Udaariyan

She claims that Fateh was the one who purchased the bangles for her at the show. According to Amma, Tejo need to distance himself from Fateh and stop his constant pleading. Tejo is concerned that Tejo would abandon her once again, and as a result, she lies about it. Fateh gives Tejo the assurance that he has her back and makes the commitment that he would never go. Jasmine dials the number for the ashram to inquire about Tejo’s whereabouts and whether or not he has returned. As a last ditch effort, she travels there on her own and conducts an inspection of the location herself. Amma is given an explanation by Fateh on how she can verify that he is, in fact, Fateh. After that, Fateh shows a photo of himself with Tejo and discusses the disastrous fire that occurred between the two of them six months earlier.

Amma receives reassurance from Fateh that he would watch out for Tejo’s health. He asks Amma for permission to move into Tejo’s new home, and Amma grants him permission to do so. Tejo’s memory loss and panic attacks are going to make it hard for him to have a regular relationship with her, despite the fact that his eyes could be telling her the truth. Tonight is the broadcast of the continuation of the episode of Udaariyaan, so be sure not to miss it. Continue to check back for any new information that may have been added.

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