Vladimir Putin claims Ukraine and Western supporters of pushing Russians to murder each other amid the Wagner group rebellion

On Monday, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said that Ukraine and its Western allies intended Russians to “kill each other” during the Wagner mercenary group’s rebellion, It caused widespread panic over the weekend when it attempted a march on Moscow before backing down. Putin made this statement at a press conference in Moscow. In his first statement to the public, since the rebels fled, Putin said that he had issued orders to prevent bloodshed and granted mercy to the Wagner warriors. The mutiny of the Wagner warriors offered the strongest challenge to Putin’s leadership yet, which he has held for the last two decades. 

President Putin of Russia’s accusations

In a statement broadcast on Russian television, Vladimir Putin expressed his gratitude to the Russian people. He said, “From the beginning of the events, on my orders, initiatives were taken to avoid large-scale bloodshed.” In-fighting inside Russia’s government was something that its adversaries, notably the neo-Nazis in Kyiv and their Western backers and other forms of national traitors, actively sought out. Putin also said that the conspirators meant for Russian soldiers to kill each other throughout the conflict. Putin went to see Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, a key target of the mutiny, to thank him for the efforts of his security men during the violent revolt. Putin was grateful for the work his security forces did. Putin also said that the outpouring of support from the people demonstrated that efforts to create social disturbance by extortion or other ways are doomed to fail.

Paying respect to the pilots who were shot down

The words made by Putin validated claims made on social media that Wagner forces were responsible for shooting down Russian jets. He claimed the dead hero’s pilots spared Russia from tragedy and that those responsible will be punished. Russia’s very survival was at stake during the revolt, and the instigators will be held accountable. The shooting killed unknown pilots and downed unknown planes. On Saturday, it was reported on the website Rybar, which has more than a million users, and on other Russian Telegram channels that follow Russia’s military activities thirteen Russian pilots had been killed during the daylong mutiny.

According to Rybar, four helicopters were destroyed: three electronic warfare Mi-8 MTPR helicopters and one Il-18. It is unknown why the aircraft pilots were killed or why the planes were shot down in the first place. Putin claimed actions were made at his orders to prevent major casualties during the revolution. The conflict ended abruptly when Wagner’s troops withdrew, and Prigozhin decided to go into exile in the adjacent country of Belarus. Putin said the wait was essential so those who had made errors could “come to their senses,” realize that society rejected their acts, and accept that their involvement in an “adventure” had catastrophic and disastrous repercussions for Russia and the nation.

He explained that the delay was required so that those who had made mistakes might “come to their senses” and acknowledge that society rejected their activities. The leader of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, released an 11-minute audio message on the Telegram channel of his news agency. In the speech, he gave very few specifics about his whereabouts or the arrangement that had halted the march into Moscow. After traveling more than 500 miles from the south towards the capital, he abruptly called off the uprising, alleging that his forces had been forced to shoot down helicopters that attacked him. This occurred after he had driven more than 800 kilometers into the city. After Putin’s invasion of Ukraine around sixteen months ago, several Western officials viewed the turmoil as demonstrating his fragility.

Russian internal politics

The situation in the nuclear-armed nation is being monitored “very closely,” according to John Kirby, a spokesperson for the National Security Council in Washington. He also noted that the United States “did have” and was able to have real-time contacts with Russian officials about our concerns through diplomatic channels. According to a report from the State Department, U.S. Ambassador to Russia Lynne Tracy phoned Russian authorities to emphasise the United States’ stated position that this is an internal Russian problem in which it has no business being engaged and would not become involved.

The Russian government in Moscow started to relax its strict security measures as the Kyiv government continued to report successes in its battle to drive Russian military out of the east and south of the nation. Prigozhin uploaded an audio tape on the internet bragging about how quickly his Wagner army had advanced on Moscow, revealing what he called “serious security problems.” He said that the rebellion was planned to stop the disintegration of his unit. After boasting that his men had “blocked all military infrastructure,” including air bases. Prigozhin said that the group’s motivation for visiting Moscow was to show public opposition rather than overthrow the government. After declaring that his forces had shut down all military facilities, including air bases, Prigozhin made these remarks.

Iranian support to Russian President Vladimir Putin

According to a statement issued by the Kremlin today, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has given “his full support” to Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to a statement released by the Kremlin, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has offered the Russian government his complete support after the events of June 24. The Islamic Republic of Iran supports Russian sovereignty, a political assistant to the Iranian president called Mohammad Jamshidi tweeted after Putin’s phone discussion with Raisi. Jamshidi’s post was sent after Putin’s conversation with Raisi.

The Iranian source said that Putin “explained the events related to the unsuccessful mutiny and insisted that such incidents cannot affect Russian sovereignty.” On Monday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Nasser Kanani repeated that Iran “does not support any side in the war in Ukraine,” despite US charges that Iran provided drones to Moscow and helped develop a drone factory. As stated in another press release by the Russian government, the emir of Qatar is said to have extended his “support” to Putin earlier that morning.

Keeping on moving forward

The morale of Ukrainian troops fighting Russian forces in Bakhmut was boosted when President Volodymyr Zelensky visited them to provide support. Meanwhile, Ukrainian military officials stated that advancements were being made in the south and east of the country. Oleksandr Syrskyi, who was in charge of the eastern ground force, stated that they were making progress in forcing the adversary out of their positions on the flanks of the city of Bakhmut. The territory controlled by the Ukrainian state is growing once again. We are making headway in our endeavors.

According to AFP, a residential neighborhood in the front-line Ukrainian town of Druzhkivka was rocked by four explosions. Druzhkivka is situated close to Bakhmut in the city of Donetsk. Even though water and sewage pipes were broken, windows were shattered, and stones were thrown into yards and onto roofs, there were no reports of any injuries resulting from the incident. “That was a great night; we hadn’t had this in a long time; it’s been quiet for about a month,” Lyubov, who is 66 years old, remarked as she proudly showed the new hole in her cement shingle roof.

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