Voice Actors for Squid Games in English, Meet the English voice actors behind the Netflix smash hit, Details of the Squid game voice cast explored!

The sudden popularity of Squid Game has sparked a heated argument over whether the film should have subtitles or dubs, with even filmmaker Taika Waititi getting involved. Squid Game’s voice actors have done a fantastic job correctly portraying on-screen emotions. The dystopic survival game has been subtitled in 31 languages and dubbed in over 10.

Find out who’s behind the English voice acting for Squid Game!

Seong Gi-hun- Greg Chun

Greg Chun, a voice actor with extensive experience, lends his talents to Squid Game as the voice of fan favourite Gi-hun. Chun plays Takayuki Yagami in the 2018 film Judgment. Reviewers agreed that Chun, who is of Korean origin, was more impressive than Takuya Kimura. In the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, Greg Chun provided the voice of Ryji Kaji. 

Cho Sang-woo- Stephen Fu

Stephen Fu did a great job voicing the ethically ambiguous Sang-woo in English. The voice actor has dubbed 50 animes, including Black Clover and Attack on Titan. Also, Fu has dubbed several popular Korean dramas, including Love Alarm and the award-winning military drama D.P. Stephen Fu’s voice-over properly conveyed the multifaceted character, say, spectators.

Jang Deok-su- Paul Nakauchi

Paul Nakauchi voices Overwatch’s Hanzo Shimada and Squid Game’s Deok-su. Nakauchi is well-known for his voice work, although he has also appeared in guest roles on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and ER. Nakauchi has voiced Diablo III, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft.

Oh Il-Nam- Hideo Kimura

Hideo Kimura lent his voice to the elderly guy in the English version, who was keeping a deadly secret. Kimura worked on 47 Ronin, Deadpool 2 and Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johanson. Most Squid Game spectators thought Kimura’s depiction of Oh Il-nam was brilliant, even in English.

Kang Sae-Byeok- Vivian Lu

The voice of everyone’s favourite North Korean defector is Vivian Lu, renowned for Genshin Impact. Bang Zoom! Entertainment is where the voice actor is now employed. Lu has provided her vocals to Love Alarm and Nowhere Man and is a newcomer to the profession.

Abdul Ali- Rama Vallury

One of the worst outcomes in the Squid Game was for a Pakistani immigrant named Abdul Ali. Rama Vallury voiced this character in LA. Vallery is a multitalented guy, being half of the musical and comedic combo Vallery and Butler. Since 2011, Rama Vallury has voiced Baby Shark’s Big Show and Mira: Royal Detective. His tenure as Caillou in AOK lasted the longest of all his jobs. Vallury is a superb voice artist who can impersonate Midwest US to Indian accents.

Frontman- Tom Choi

Tom Choi voices the masked Front Man. The Korean-American actor played Ken Yukimura on Teen Wolf. Choi has also provided his voice acting skills to the Mortal Kombat video game series. Tom Choi is a voice actor, director, writer, and producer who wrote and performed in Lone Hunter.

Ji-Yeong- Yuuki Luna

Yuuki Luna, who lent his voice to the fan-favourite character Ji-Yeong, is no stranger to the MCU. The 2021 film Black Widow featured the young actress in the title role of Widow. WandaVision included Luna as a guest star as well.

The English voice-over cast for the Squid Games is remarkable, with almost all being of Korean or Asian heritage despite criticisms from dubbing opponents. Having both Korean speakers and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) on the team helped keep the translations true to the original.

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