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A Controversial law went into effect this month in the United States called 6 strikes, VPN services have reported a spike in new user registrations due to this new scheme. This guide will help users decide which service to use and assist users in choosing the best protocol for their application. Download speeds of five of the best VPN Service Providers have been sampled the VPN services are Private Internet Access, TorGuard, STRONGVPN, HideMyAss and SMR Hosting. These providers have servers located in the United States and the Netherlands, they offer PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC and SSL VPN service and they all are file-share friendly

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  1. Drag Race Rules, Termonology and Method
  2. Six Strikes, Your Out
  3. TorGuard VPN Samples
  4. TorGuard VPN Results
  5. Private Internet Access VPN Samples
  6. Private Internet Access VPN Results
  7. HideMyAss
  8. HideMyAss VPN Service
  9. SMR Hostings VPN Service
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Drag Race Rules, Termonology and Method

Bandwidth testing use a 25MB file I decided to use this bandwidth testing site for two reasons. Their data center is located in Dallas Texas that is where all their bandwidth comes from it will simulate downloading from a single location better than using a multi-homed network. Their service is the only one that downloads real files. The flash bandwidth testing sites are much less accurate.

Test – A test represents 1 complete 25MB file download and analysis from testmynet.
Sample – A sample represents 6 completed tests.
Actual Bandwidth: Average download speed of all samples taken from the server for a single protocol.

1 Take control sample
2 Connect to VPN server record IP, date and time take sample
3 Get Sample Bandwidth
Repeat Procedure on the next VPN server.

Six Strikes, Your Out

The Six Strikes law, guilty until proven innocent

Created to punish copyright infringers and thought up by the MPAA, RIAA and several large ISP’s is unfair at best. In civil copyright infringement lawsuits a copyright holder must prove that a copyright infringement has occurred, in legal speak they have the burden of proof. “Innocent until proven guilty” is a concept taught to every American citizen in elementary school as one of our nations core values. The Six Strikes scheme has no presumption of innocence.

Your ISP has the legal power to filter websites you visit, restrict bandwidth or completely shut your connection off if they feel your guilty of copyright infringement. Verizon charges you around $30.00 to dispute their findings. With a VPN you can simply stop them from knowing what you are downloading.

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