Was Johnny Depp Amber Heard’s first husband? Tasya Van Ree’s relationship with Amber Heard was discussed during the hearing, Details explored!

The actress’s relationship with Tasya Van Ree has drawn attention to Johnny Depp’s slander case against Amber Heard for her 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Heard had initially countersued Depp for $100 million, but Depp eventually compromised for $50 million. In court, the performer claimed that Depp physically assaulted her and threatened her life on multiple occasions. She also stated that she was threatened with death. On May 5, the psychotherapist of the protagonist of Aquaman, Dr. Dawn Hughes, gave an interview in which she appeared to give credibility to Heard’s accusations that she had experienced intimate partner violence at the hands of Depp. During the height of the legal drama, many people commented online, noting that Depp’s exes had testified in his support and that Heard had a history of aggression towards her ex-partner Tasya Van Ree.

Relationship and “marriage” between Amber Heard and Tasya Van Ree

It has been rumoured that Amber Heard has been courting Tasya Van Ree since 2008. They had been living together as a couple, but the allegations made by Van Ree led to the end of their relationship in late 2011 or early 2012. A year after her relationship with Pitt broke up, Heard reportedly began courting Johnny Depp. According to an exclusive report from the UK’s Mirror in 2016, Heard and Van Ree’s relationship started when Heard was only 22. Back then, marriage as a gay couple was against the law in the United States.

Amber Van Ree Heard is the new name given to Heard after she decided to adopt the surname of her companion. When she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp, reports started spreading that she had officially altered her identity and was now living as someone else. When New York’s historic same-sex marriage measure, which legalised gay nuptials, was signed into law, the couple allegedly was still together. Heard, who had just recently come out as gay, praised the decision made by the state of New York to legalise homosexual marriage at present.

There have been allegations that Amber Heard abused Tasya Van Ree

Tasya Van Ree is a Hawaiian-born photographer and illustrator who is currently 46. In the vicinity of 2009, Heard’s name started to emerge in association with allegations of abuse resulting from an incident at the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport. It is said that Heard attacked Van Ree while the two of them were arguing in the terminal. Heard was arrested by the Port of Seattle Police and placed in provisional confinement.

However, Van Ree asserted that the arrest was unlawful. During the proceedings for their divorce, Johnny Depp testified that Amber Heard had a history of being hostile toward her previous partners. According to accounts from the Daily Mail, Depp referenced a comparable effect in court documents. Although Depp has, in the past, responded by denying the allegations, there is no hard evidence to support the allegations that have been made against him.

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