Wendy Williams’ Tabitha Brown comments? An influencer’s nice response wins hearts online

In the most recent episode of  The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy said that influencer Tabitha Brown’s marriage will get very hard. Brown said on YouTube that her husband was leaving his job. In a touching video, the actress and social media star announced that her husband was leaving the LAPD after 15 years. She talked about how Chance Brown worked to make money for the family while he worked on his career.

Brown has decided to let her husband go after his dreams after all she has done for the business: ___My husband thought he could make a difference on this trip, and I know he did in his town. He gave me something. I also know that he needs to dream once more.

She thought that God let her help her husband retire:

He permitted me to let my husband retire”

Williams said that Brown’s choice was like her marriage to Kevin Hunter and their breakup. She said:_ I was married to one of them. Do what you want to do! Entrepreneurship! Keep up! Say “Go!” and watch what happens. This marriage will have problems soon. Williams and Kevin Hunter split up after 20 years. Hunter and Williams broke up after it was said that he cheated on her.

Brown didn’t seem to like what Williams said. The 42-year-old replied to Williams’ video with a soft clap. The video of Brown went viral right away.

Brown’s elegant answer to Wendy Williams

Brown handled the situation with grace in her most recent video. Williams was told how her situation is different: Wendy, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Listen, I’ve been with my partner for 23 years, even though we were long apart. Together, they struggled.

Brown talked more about her marriage and how she and her husband helped each other:

In the battle, I was his dog, and he trusted me. We did it together for 15 years. I did it with him every year in the LAPD, and he did it with me every year in the entertainment business. God has made it possible for me to show up. I’ve wanted this to happen for a long time, and it did. That’s how strong God is. It comes from putting God first in your relationship. We keep him first, so that’s how it works.

She also prayed that Williams would find his real love:

I hope you find love. True love, I hope it gets to you quickly and hugs you. I hope you find that kind of love so you can understand why I don’t want my husband to wear a bulletproof vest if he doesn’t have to. Brown also said she wants her husband to be safe while he coaches kids and builds his non-profit.

She ended the video by praying for Williams again and saying how happy she was for her husband’s journey: I am for my husband to grow his business, invest in kids, coach these kids, and do other things he’s always wanted to do. After the video came out, people fell in love with Brown’s kind answer to Williams online. People on Twitter showed support for the influential person.

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