What Are the Benefits of Drinking a Lot of Water?

What are the benefits of drinking a lot of water?

We’ve all heard that staying hydrated is important. But knowing the specific reasons to drink water is good for anyone that cares about their health and wellness.

As it turns out, the importance of water can’t be understated enough. Here are some benefits you’ll gain from focusing on your hydration.

Better Skin Health

Skin is the biggest organ in the body. It’s the major line of defense between what’s outside our bodies and what gets inside, which makes keeping it healthy a key for preventing illness and disease.

Believe it or not, the skin is 64 percent water. Hydrated skin is more elastic, less prone to wrinkles, and healthier overall. So whether you want to stay healthy or look younger, hydrating is important!

Better Workout Performance

Exercise helps us maintain a healthy mind and body. The good news is that simply staying hydrated can help boost workout performance.

You’ll have more endurance and power when lifting weights if you’re hydrated. Studies show that even slight dehydration negatively impacts your fitness or sports performance.

Flexibility also tends to improve. Muscles can get tight if you aren’t hydrated, which could lead to tweaks if you aren’t careful. 

You’re likely to have more energy throughout the day when you hydrate. Water helps regulate your body’s pH levels and internal temperature.

Improved Brain Function and Mental Clarity

Among the many benefits of drinking a lot of water, brain function is one of the biggest on the list.

The brain is another organ that needs plenty of fluids to function. Your brain accounts for about thirty percent of your energy expenditure each day. Staying hydrated can boost work performance and just help you think more clearly.

Better Digestive Health

Your intestines need water to process food and, well, get it out of you. You’re much more prone to things like constipation and other GI issues when you’re dehydrated.

Drinking water helps keep you regular. It also prevents other digestive issues, like hemorrhoids from cropping up.

Keep in mind, adult men need about 3.7 liters of water per day. Women need about 2.7 liters.

Prevents Several Ailments

There are so many downsides to not staying hydrated. 

Not drinking enough water could:

  • Promote headaches
  • Increase your risk of kidney stones
  • Increase the likelihood of getting a hangover
  • Increase your risk of gaining weight.

Considering some of these issues you may face may help understate the benefits of water, and drink filtered water from Waterdrop.

The Benefits of Drinking a Lot of Water

There are many benefits of drinking a lot of water. From better immune system health to a better chance of weight loss, you can’t really overstate what you’ll gain from being hydrated.

Most adults need between 2.7 and 3.7 liters of water per day. Start early and drink it often for better health!

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