What happened to Antwain Fowler, aka Big TJ? 6 years old viral star from ‘where we bout to eat’ is dead, Details discussed

Antwain Fowler, age 6, passed away on Sunday, November 21. His mother broke the news on his official Instagram account. As a result of his site, we bout to eat at video becoming viral. The internet sensation became a social media sensation. According to reports, the child’s ailment had persisted for five years, resulting in 25 surgical procedures. China, the child’s mother, supervised his use of social media. Many people are already flooding social media with messages of support for the family.

What happened to Antwain Fowler from ‘where we bout to eat at’ kid?

A tragic Instagram post by Antwain Fowler on Sunday, November 21, 2021, reported the death of the little youngster. His mom, Chyna, took to social media to express how she felt, writing, “The anguish in my heart is unlike any other.” The question WHY GOD followed by many exclamation points. Never in a million years had she said in the post’s description. Although the specifics of his death remain unclear, he was diagnosed with autoimmune enteropathy (AIE) in July 2015. With his illness, he spent endless nights in hospitals and had over twenty-five operations in only five years. Legend has it that as a young kid, Antwain refused to consume either milk or solid meals.

Who is Antwain Fowler?

When a video of Fowler asking, “Were we about to eat?” went viral, he became an overnight sensation. The youngster’s humor and charm have amused thousands over the last several years as he battles the terrible condition made famous by a four-second film. Over the years, Antwain and his mom kept making and posting YouTube videos of themselves doing comedy.

AntwainsWorld has almost 244,000 followers.

As a result of his online fame, the 6-year-old now has over 555,000 Instagram followers. The pair made daily vlogs and reviewed eateries. According to a GoFundMe page, Antwain’s first four years were a “neverending battle” for his family. Antwain is gradually recovering thanks to endless prayers, faith, and physicians working around the clock. He is also quite appreciative of his development to this point. Despite his health problems, the small kid never stopped greeting the world with a bright smile. After his unexpected death, many people took to social media to express their sorrow and offer prayers.

What is meant by the term autoimmune enteropathy?

Rare autoimmune enteropathy inhibits a kid’s capacity to absorb nutrients from meals, produces severe diarrhea to the point that IV fluids are necessary, and leads the child to lose weight rapidly. Inflammation of the intestinal lining characterizes this condition, which develops when the body’s immune system turns against itself. Likewise, it may affect the thyroid. Autoimmune enteropathy is very uncommon but has been related to conditions such as diabetes and renal failure. Different approaches are taken to treating autoimmune enteropathy, but sometimes patients need to be hospitalized and connected to machines to help control their immune systems.

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