What happened to Harley Alexander? Star of “Lizard Lick Towing” Ron Shirley Deeply Honoured His Late Son, Details discussed!

Harley Alexander, Ronnie Shirley’s son, passed away on Thursday, and his father, Ronnie Shirley, paid tribute to him on Thursday. The devastating news was shared with Ronnie Shirley’s fans on social media by the star of the television show Lizard Lick Towing, and understandably, they are inconsolable. What led to Harley’s death at a North Carolina gas station remains a mystery, and authorities there are still looking into it. Continue reading to find out more information on the horrible end that befell Harley Alexander.

Who is Harley Alexander?

Harley Alexander, 21, was the son of reality TV star Ronnie Shirley, whose company, Lizard Lick Towing, was featured on the show. However, beginning in 2011, Ronnie Shirley’s towing company was featured on the show. This continued until 2014. It wasn’t until last week when Ronnie’s son was on his way to a funeral service for a friend at which balloons would be launched into the sky, that the incident really occurred. His father, Ronnie, broke the terrible news of his son’s untimely death on social media, stating that a “coward” had shot him in the back. Ronnie’s son had been a victim of a horrific shooting.

What happened to Harley Alexander?

Because Ronnie’s son was there at the balloon release memorial ceremony he had organised for the last week, everyone could confirm that Ronnie had passed away at a gas station. It has been said that the occurrence was carried out at a Sheetz convenience shop in North Carolina. A witness who had watched the whole event and spotted wounded people in the gas station’s parking lot contacted the authorities. The witness also discovered the injured people. The incident reportedly resulted in Harley’s official declaration of death at the scene. Additionally, the Johnston County Sheriff is investigating the matter.

Online Users Honour Harley Alexander

As soon as it became public knowledge that Harley Alexander had died away, many people’s responses on social media were ones of shock. On the other hand, Ronnie was the one who delivered the tragic news to him about the passing of his son. The family has received an outpouring of support from people all around the world as a result of Ronnie’s moving speech. Due to the fact that the sheriff is now looking into the incident, the name of the individual who shot and murdered Harley that evening may be disclosed very soon.

In the news, there was a mention of a woman who, according to reports, was also shot on that night but is said to be doing OK today. An announcement was made to WRAL by Jason Shirley, who is Harley Alexander’s uncle. He said that he was providing a prize of $25,000 for information about the murder of his niece. It was reported that the female suspect would also be questioned as part of the investigation to determine who the real offender is.

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