What happened to Piper Rockell’s mum Tiffany Smith? YouTuber says emotional goodbye amid abuse lawsuit, Details explored!

Piper Rockelle, a popular YouTuber, recently said farewell to her mother, Tiffany Smith, before she moved to Georgia to be closer to her grandparents. The internet celebrity uploaded a video titled “Saying Goodbye to My Mom” on social media, recording her difficult experience. Smith is shown in the video making the trip from Los Angeles to Georgia to see her aging and ill parents. In the background, we hear Rockelle addressing her admirers that she is experiencing the first significant separation from her mother.

Where is Piper’s mother, and what happened to her?

A YouTuber says farewell tearfully despite an ongoing harassment case. Recently, popular YouTuber Piper Rockelle had to say goodbye to her mum, Tiffany Smith, before moving to Georgia to care for her ageing parents. The internet sensation shared a heartfelt “Saying Goodbye to My Mum” video to record her experience. A Los Angeles, the Dhillon Law Firm (@dhillonlaw) filed a complaint in California Superior Court demanding millions of dollars in economic and non-economic damages on behalf of its preteen and adolescent social media influencer clients who have a combined 8.8 million YouTube followers.

Why did Piper quit posting?

YouTube informed an insider on Thursday that Piper Rochelle’s channel had been flagged as spam. As part of a lawsuit, insiders had questioned YouTube about the abuse accusations against Rockelle’s mother, Tiffany Smith.

Investigating the legal action taken against Piper Rockelle’s mother

On January 12, 2022, almost 11 children, represented by attorney Matthew Sarelson sued YouTuber Piper Rockelle’s mother, Tiffany Smith, and her boyfriend, Hunter Hill, for allegedly abusing them physically, mentally, and verbally working at Piper Rockelle Inc. The complaint claimed that while recording Rochelle’s films, Smith “verbally assaulted” the kids, yelling at them until they were in tears and had to be returned to their families. The lawsuit also alleged that Smith made obscene and indecent remarks to the children regarding their looks and clothing choices on several occasions. They also said she offered them bad advice on interacting with one another. Several young women have said that Smith made unwanted sexual attempts toward them. There were rumours that Rockelle’s mother had tried to “spit” on her and struck the child with a wooden spoon.

In addition, the plaintiffs claimed that the defendants failed to compensate them for the hundreds of hours of work they put into appearing in Rockelle’s films. Because they were no longer working with Piper Rockelle, they claimed that Smith and Hill “tanked” their individual YouTube feeds. The lawsuit alleged that defendants Smith and Hill intentionally labelled their films as “inappropriate,” deleted them from recommended viewing and artificially reduced their subscriber count. This resulted in a considerable drop in income for the plaintiffs on YouTube.

Matthew Sarelson, the defence attorney, said that reliable sources supported all the accusations against the accused. He also speculated that some accidents might have been recorded on camera. It has been claimed that the plaintiffs are asking for roughly $2 million in “compensatory and extraordinary damages, legal claims, and for mental pain, sorrow, and humiliation.”

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