What happened to SpotemGottem? The rapper was shot five times in drive-by, sparks death speculations, Detail of the rumour debunked

After reports surfaced on Twitter claiming that the rapper had passed away, SpotemGottem’s dedicated fanbase deeply worried about the artist’s health. They are interested in learning whether or not he is still alive and what happened to him. According to TMZ’s reporting, Nehemiah Lamar Harden, better known as SpotemGottem, was shot in Miami and sustained serious injuries. The artist was reportedly shot at least 22 times when he was seated in a vehicle, as stated by law enforcement authorities which the media outlet cited.

Is it true that Spotemgottem is dead? Rumours debunked

The conflicting rumours about the rapper SpotemGottem’s health have infuriated his fans. After news of his passing started circulating online, many individuals felt compelled to pay their respects to him. On Friday, September 17, the rapper’s attorney, Raven Liberty, shared with the Miami Herald that his client is now in stable condition after surgery. To restate, he has not yet succumbed to his injuries. There were no guns involved in the incident. The attorney said, “He was the victim of a drive-by shooting.” While the rapper is still in the hospital receiving treatment, some of the rapper’s fans on Twitter and Instagram have been called out for spreading false rumours of his passing while he is still there.

What Happened to Spotemgottem?

SpotemGottem’s manager, Dee Phatboy, claimed that another vehicle pulled up next to them while the rapper was riding shotgun and “shot up” the rapper. Dee Phatboy is referring to the incident as a “drive-by.” He said the suspected shooting occurred while the rapper was being taken away from a recording studio in Miami. According to Lieutenant Alejandro Camacho of the Florida Highway Patrol, who talked with the Miami Herald about the incident, the singer was shot at 3:19 in the morning while driving south on Interstate 95, just north of the 125th Street exit. When he finally came to a halt, he was eager to get out his phone and call the police. Based on the data, it seems that the rapper was a passenger in a Dodge Charger. As of when this article was written, the authorities have not made any new public statements on the occurrence.

Supporters Pray for Artist’s Quick Recovery

After hearing the news, SpotemGottem’s Twitter followers have sent well wishes for the rapper’s rapid recovery. Here are the responses of a handful of them. Someone wrote, damn, they did catch my buddy @spotemgottem. He’s a lacking’ dude. I hope that you will make a full and rapid recovery, Jit. Continue to keep up with us. You are already a Duval legendary figure at such an early age. Another person said that all major media outlets had reported that he was alive and doing well. I will go with that, wishing my bro a speedy and complete recovery. It’s been a few months, but I finally got around to posting this portrait I painted of @DaeeSosaa. Another supporter wished that my Duval brother would be well soon.

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