What happened to the Island Boys? Murder suspect caught at Island Boys’ home stuns them, Details explained!

The Florida home of Alex and Franky Venegas, who were responsible for the popular TikTok channel Island Boys, was raided by members of SWAT on February 7, 2021. Thomas, who had been staying at the house with the boys for the last several days, was recently arrested on charges that he shot an 8-year-old girl in a drive-by and committed other crimes. Even if they are helping the police and cooperating with them, the TikTokers will not be held accountable for any wrongdoing.

Island Boys’ Alex Venegas was present during the raid

Alex, who was there for the whole operation, said that Thomas attempted to hide a black handgun immediately before the gunfight broke out. Alex claims that Thomas approached him while holding the gun and asked for help but that he turned him down. He reported to the authorities that Thomas had taken it into the restroom and left without it after using the facilities. Law enforcement officers discovered the weapon hiding behind a laundry room wardrobe.

The Island Boys’ manager claimed to TMZ that the band members had no idea what had happened. He added that they had all grown up together and that the boys had only thought of Thomas as a cautious child throughout that time. He would come to hang around, do his thing, and then go back to whatever he was doing, but he never told us anything about the allegations that were being brought against him, so we had no idea what they were. He was a good man and a fellow Island Boy; we had no doubts about that. If we had been aware of what was happening, we would never have let him enter the property.

What exactly happened? charges explained

As a result of a previous robbery case, Thomas has been charged with first-degree murder, possession of a handgun, and probation violations. These charges arise from the same incident. Ronziyah ‘Ziyah’ Atkins, who is eight years old, is reported to be the accused victim of the murder charge against him. Ziyah was shot when she was playing in her front yard on February 4, around seven o’clock in the evening. She was sent to a hospital in Palm Beach County right away, but she did not survive her injuries and passed away at the hospital. The investigators haven’t said who they believe Thomas was trying to hurt, but they believe it was someone else. After being brought into custody, he is now held in the Broward Main Jail to prepare for his next court appearance.

Interesting information on the Island Boys

More than 10 million people have seen the freestyle rap hit “Island Boy” by the Island Boys. Alex performs under the name “Flyysoulja,” while Frank is known by his stage name, “Kodiyakredd.” Frank has over 2.9 million, and Alex has over 5.6 million TikTok fans. Recently, one of the twins has been accused of beating his girlfriend, Montaisha, and it made a controversy.

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