What Happened With Ramon Sosa? Where is Ramon Sosa’s wife Lulu now? Details explained

According to the book “Dead Ringer,” a professional boxing trainer called Ramon Sosa in Houston, Texas, had to fake his death to avoid his wife’s intentions to hire a hit man to have him assassinated. Money and selfishness are the only constants in this bizarre case of a guy whose murder was ordered and who survived to tell the tale. The circumstances leading up to his wife’s capture seem like a novel.

Who is Maria DeLourdes Sosa?

Lulu, or Mexican-born Maria DeLourdes Sosa, is a member of the Sosa family. Ramon, now 40 and divorced, launched his gym. They met in a bar with a live band, and she accidentally walked on his toes. After that first meeting, they were instantly able to strike up a conversation and bond. They got along well, had a whirlwind romance, and looked pleased doing it. After dating for just a year and a few months, Ramon proposed to her. The pair tied the ceremony on March 15, 2009, and Lulu DeLourdes became Lulu Sosa.

However, he has revealed that issues existed between the pair, including the disappearance of funds. Lulu demanded a divorce in March of 2015. Despite Lulu’s and Ramon’s claims of physical violence, they stayed in the same home after their divorce but moved to separate floors. In June, though, Lulu finally snapped. Lulu allegedly started scheming to employ a client who was a big shot and understood how to inflict pain to have Ramon dead. Thankfully, a coworker overheard them and chose to stop the abuse. For reasons of honesty with his buddy Ramon, he informed Lulu that he would be the one to hire the kill guy.

Where Is Maria “Lulu” Sosa Today?

Lulu could do nothing when the worker, Ramon, and the police (whom Ramon called) knew her intentions. She didn’t realize she’d been deceived, so she continued talking to the worker about obtaining the hit guy on phone conversations he taped. Because things were progressing slowly, she obtained documentation of recent disputes and proceeded to court to remove Ramon from their house and gym. Money, not the claimed abuse, drove her to kill Ramon.

The action occurred in July of 2015. Ramon played dead, and an undercover agent was the hit guy. When they finally met in a parking lot on the 23rd, he informed her that he had completed his mission. He also produced images of what seemed to be Ramon’s corpse after he had been shot in the temple to back up his claims. Lulu just kept on laughing. Then, her excitement grew, and she requested specifics of her husband’s dying hours.

In addition, all of this was captured on tape. Lulu agreed to pay the “hit guy” $3,000 in cash, watches, jewels, and Ramon’s pickup vehicle. She continued to insist that she was a victim of abuse even after all had happened. The cops went to her residence the next morning, wearing body cams, acting as though they were only checking in on Ramon to ensure safety. Lulu appeared calm while answering their inquiries and played the worried wife, never revealing her plans.

After a few minutes, the cops became bored of her and arrested her for soliciting capital murder. While Lulu was in jail awaiting her murder trial, she settled with Ramon for a divorce that gave him the gym and the home. In October 2016, after spending 15 months in jail, Lulu pled guilty to the lesser charge of second-degree solicitation of murder, so avoiding trial and a potential life sentence. She received a sentence of 20 years in jail.

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