What is an SSM Training Course? Is it Worth it?

SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework is the most widely recognized solution to a company’s quest to succeed in this fast-paced and modern digital era.

Although SAFe offers companies the opportunity to respond to industry trends andadapt rapidly, it is critical that the entire organization accepts, supports, and implements the Lean-Agile principle and mindset in order to excel at transition.

Although the SSM course provides relevant preparation for all positions required to achieve corporate agility, it is also regarded as the first leap in assisting senior executives, change managers, and professionals in gaining the knowledge necessary to lead an Agile enterprise in implementation of the Scrum Framework.

The SSM training is all about SAFe architecture and its fundamental concepts arising from systems thinking, Lean, Agile growth, DevOps, and product development flow.

What Does an SSM Certification Offer?

The SSM training helps you explore:

  • How to instil technical agility in teams
  • Organization and Re-Organization of teams
  • The skills for executing and supporting PI planning events. Also, coordinating with ART (Agile Release Trains)
  • The methods to adopting a design thinking mindset and customer-centric approach

Therefore, the SSM certification helps you in gaining vital insights on mastering business agility. It can help you to thrive in this competitive market.

Who Can Do an SSM Certification?

  • Project Manager and Portfolio Manager
  • CEO, CIO
  • Systems or Solution Architect
  • Scrum Master or Release Train Engineer
  • Agile Coach, Change Agent, and Consultant
  • Business Analyst, Team Lead, and Engineer

Is an SSM Certification Worth it?

Agile systems aren’t recent, and they’ve been around for a long time. On the other hand, industry experts agree that trainer elegant learning certificates will help enhance a company’s overall climate.

SSM course, for example, is known to foster a cohesive mentality around agile processes. Employees are much more interested in preparation than they are in qualification. Such classes instill the team-think mentality among production teams, with the end result being a qualification.

An SSM qualification will help you advance your career and appreciate the complexities of managing agile at the business level.

Large organizations use SAFe to apply agile methodologies to their current programs, allowing large teams to collaborate more efficiently. Now, successfully scaling agile practices to enterprise sizes necessitates some degree of SAFe understanding, expertise, and experience. In particular, SAFe is one of the few models that has been shown to integrate lean thinking with Agile growth techniques effectively.

It’s critical to choose the best SSM training course for your current role in the company and the long-term goal you want to achieve. This will give you an analysis of the available SSM training courses and where to begin, and how to study for the SAFe test. The knowledge exchanged would put you on the right track to getting the best out of your preparation.

The first step in selecting the best SSM course is to learn what the course offers to make an educated decision.

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