What issues should be paid attention to when purchasing a low bed trailer?

Question 1: What are the dimensions and load capacity of the low bed trailer?

The size and load capacity of low bed trailers will vary according to different models and manufacturers. Generally speaking, the length of low bed trailer for sale is usually between 12m and 15m, the width is about 2.5m to 3m, and the height is about 1m to 1.5m.

The load capacity will also vary according to the weight of the vehicle itself, the structural design and material selection of the vehicle, the number of wheels and the number of axles. The general load capacity is usually between 60 tons and 120 tons, and some manufacturers can produce up to 120 tons. above load capacity. The specific load capacity will also vary.

The most commonly sold low bed trailer models of TITAN Vehicle are 60 tons with 3 axles, 80 tons with 3 axles and 100 tons with 4 axles. In addition, TITAN Vehicle can also produce low bed trailers with 6 axles or even more axles to meet Transportation needs of various machinery and equipment.

Question 2: What is the frame material of the low bed trailer?

The frame material of 3 axle low bed trailer is usually made of high-strength steel, such as Q345 steel. This material has good strength and durability, can withstand large loads and external impacts, and is suitable for heavy loads and long-term use.

The frame structure of the low bed trailer generally adopts a beam structure. It consists of main beams, auxiliary beams and beams. The main beam is the main supporting part of the frame, which bears the weight and load of the whole vehicle. The sub-beams are located on both sides of the main beam and play the role of strengthening and supporting the main beam. The beam connects the main beam and the sub-beam to increase the stability and rigidity of the whole frame.

The main beam of TITAN Vehicle is integrally welded to ensure the integrity of the main beam, and a total of 6 sub-beams are placed on both sides of the main beam to make the frame structure of the semi-trailer stronger. The side beams on both sides of the vehicle body are also made of thicker and wider materials to better share the pressure of transporting heavy objects, prevent the deformation of the main beam, and prolong the service life of the semi-trailer.

Since the loading area of the 3 axle low bed trailer for sale is open, it is necessary to check whether there are some fixing devices on the body of the semi-trailer when purchasing a low bed trailer, such as rope tighteners, etc., for fixing and protecting the goods . Different manufacturers and models of low bed trailers may have some differences, so it is best to understand the specific frame material and structural design before purchasing to ensure that it meets your needs and requirements.

Question 3: What is the braking system of the low bed trailer like?

A low bed trailer price is usually equipped with an air brake system. This braking system transmits braking force through compressed air, which can provide a more stable and reliable braking effect. At the same time, some low-bed semi-trailers will also be equipped with emergency braking systems and anti-lock braking systems to improve driving safety.

The brake system of the low bed trailer generally adopts the air brake system. Specifically, it includes the following components:

1. Air pressure supply system: It is composed of air pressure tank, compressor and air pipe, which provides air pressure to other parts of the braking system.

2. Brake valve group: including brake valve, brake pedal and brake control valve, etc., used to control the work of the brake system.

3. Brake cylinder: through the action of air pressure, the air pressure is converted into mechanical force, and the brake drum or brake disc is pushed to contact the wheel to achieve braking.

4. Brake drum/brake disc: installed on the wheel and pushed by the brake cylinder to generate friction to slow down or stop the wheel.

5. Brake belt/brake pad: contact with brake drum or brake disc, and generate braking force through friction to achieve braking.

6. Brake adjuster: used to adjust the braking force distribution of different axles to ensure the stability of the vehicle during braking.

These components are transmitted and transformed by air pressure to achieve braking control of the vehicle. The braking system of a low-bed semi-trailer usually has high braking performance and reliability, and can meet the braking needs of the vehicle under different road conditions. TITAN Vehicle uses the well-known brand Wabco’s braking system, which has fast response, good braking effect, and sufficient service life, so it does not need frequent maintenance or replacement.

Question 4: What is the suspension system of the low bed trailer like?

The suspension system of 60 ton low bed trailer usually adopts mechanical suspension or air suspension. Mechanical suspension is the most commonly used form of suspension, which has better stability and load-bearing capacity. Air suspension is a more advanced form of suspension, which provides suspension support through airbags and has better shock absorption and adjustment performance.

Airbags are usually mounted on the vehicle’s axle beams. The air pressure can be adjusted according to the vehicle’s load and road conditions, thereby realizing the adjustment of the height and hardness of the suspension system. The air bag can be adjusted by the air pressure control system to adapt to different road conditions and loads.

A 60 ton low bed trailer for sale can choose to install mechanical suspension system on part of the axle and air suspension system on the other part, especially in some countries and regions that have requirements on the number of tires on the vehicle.

Question 5: How much is the price of the low bed trailer?

The price of a low bed trailer for sale will be affected by many factors, including model, brand, configuration, size and load capacity, etc. The specific price needs to be inquired according to the actual situation. In addition, factors such as transportation costs, maintenance costs, and insurance costs also need to be considered.

The price of a low bed trailer usually includes the following expenses:

Basic vehicle price: This refers to the cost of the low bed trailer truck itself, including the manufacturer’s production cost, material cost, technical cost, etc. Base vehicle prices may vary based on make, make, model, configuration, and more.

Optional configuration fees: low bed trailers may have some optional configurations, such as different types of ramps and suspension systems, and these configurations may require additional fees. According to individual needs and usage scenarios, you can choose the appropriate configuration to improve the function and convenience of the vehicle.

Taxes and other government charges: When purchasing a low bed trailer truck, you need to pay corresponding taxes and other government charges according to local regulations, such as value-added tax, vehicle purchase tax, road use tax, etc. These fees may vary by region, and the specific amount can be consulted with the relevant local authorities.

Shipping and insurance costs: If the purchased low bed trailer is not located in your area, you also need to consider shipping costs, such as ocean freight and the cost of shipping the vehicle to its destination.

It should be noted that the expenses listed above are only items that may be included under normal circumstances, and the specific expenses and payment methods need to be determined according to the purchase area, model, manufacturer and other factors. Before purchasing, it is recommended to conduct detailed consultation with relevant sales channels or distributors to obtain accurate price information.

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