What makes a book-to-film adaptation so successful?

From the ancient time of writing by Shakespeare to date, stories are one of the oldest art forms. Fictional characters and motifs offer entertainment to the audience. It helps in escaping reality. Whether you are a book lover or a movie lover, you might be aware that different books are adapted to movies. No doubt, the meaning remains the same. But, many people like the storyline more when a book is adapted to a movie.

Even the most famous literature around the world has been converted to movies over the years. Sometimes, the movie may do the justification, but many a time, readers may not understand the real intention behind the adaptation. For all beautiful adaptations, there is at least one horrendous one. The main question that we want to deal with here is to know what makes a book-to-film adaptation good. Why is it that when a video form is given to a book, it becomes famous?

The film industry has become bigger these days. But, the relationship with books and novels remains fundamental. These days, it is being witnessed that books can’t achieve iconic status on their own. They have to rely on the pillars of adaptation to movies.

The main reason behind the success of book-to-movie adaptation is that people think that reading a 400-page book may need at least 10-12 days. On the other hand, they can watch the same story in a movie within 90-minutes.

But, this does not mean that both can’t exist without each other. In fact, the character of James Bond, which was played by Rege-Jean Page in the latest online Betway Casino, was created by the novelist much before the sequel of the movie was made.

There’s no harm in making book adaptations or watching the adapted movies. The biggest benefit is that it is useful for both industries. While movie artists can learn and rely on books, the legacies of the books can be kept alive for years to come by movie artists. No matter if you like the book or the movie, it generates revenue for industries.

Many popular books that we know about in the present situation have become famous after the release of the movie based on the book. Betway Casino looked at this in detail, and compiled the most successful book-to-film adaptations of all time.

In addition to this, many times books are also popular, and the movies based on these books also get the desired popularity. For example, books like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, and The Hobbit were already the most iconic books in their time. Thus, they got amazing applause from the audience much before movies were created in the stores. But, after the adaptation of these books into movies, these movies ranked among the top 10 grossing film adaptation books in History.

In addition to this, it has also been found that the books that come up in different series get more adapted to movies. For example, Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings were the seven and three-book series. Thus, the quality, as well as the quantity of the book, helped in building up the franchise. Thus, the audience stayed glued to the storyline as they have already read the story in the books.

Looking through another lens, sometimes it has also been found that many successful book-to-movie adaptations have not offered many financial benefits to filmmakers. In addition to this, many critics also find that the books were better than the adaptation. Out of the top-10 highest-grossing movies that are based on books, only two of them are rated on the top rank of IMDB. No doubt, there are also hugely successful movies, but it can’t be said that only movies based on books garner attention and financial benefits. The biggest example of this is that none of the Harry Potter movies feature on the list of top 10 best-rated movies.

When you compare the ratings of the movie Harry Potter on Goodreads and platforms like IMDB, you will come to know that the quality of the book and the storyline prompted writers to create movies. The ratings on Goodreads for the book may seem generous. But, you will find that the ratings by readers are more than ratings by film viewers.

Six out of seven standalone releases in the top 10 film adaptations were rated higher than Goodreads. Thus, it also means that books are also written after getting inspiration from movies. Although the movie was considered critically better than the books, it did not gain as much financial gain as the book.

In the list of 10 highest grossing book-to-film adaptations, no movie is rated higher than the book. Thus, the trend is pretty clear. Even though the films and short movies are popular and mainstream as compared to books, the iconic book series can make the movie remakes a big financial hit. One of the best examples of a hit book-to-movie adaptation is Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.

As we age, we don’t get enough time to read. Books that we read when we are young make the most impact on the brain. Thus, when a movie is based on a book that you read in your childhood, you genuinely get interested in the movie. By watching the movie, you try to relive the moment.

Sometimes plot accuracy and incorrect characterization in the movie may not give you the real fun, but it will certainly take you to a nostalgic lane.

Books enable the audience to immerse themselves in art. No doubt how many movies you see, books can help you in better visualization. Books also offer a different level of intimacy between the reader and the writer.

Each book is different, each reader is different, and filmmakers are different. Thus, when you read a book, you get your personal perspective for the story. But, when a movie maker creates a movie, you can see a totally different art. Let us know if you like watching book-to-film adaptations and which one was your favorite.

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