What’s an FTP and why would I want to use one?

Almost every job in the world now requires the use of a computer. Even for entertainment purposes, we are tied to digital devices and the internet. Creating, uploading, sharing, downloading, these are all things that even the most computer illiterate person is familiar with. But when it comes to sharing files or larger bits of data, doing so in an efficient way can be hard to figure out. Most email clients don’t allow big files to be sent easily and thumb drives and disks are pretty much a thing of the past. 

Enter the FTP.

What is FTP?

FTP is the acronym for File Transfer Protocol. That is basically a tool that is used to facilitate the transfer of files from a server or computer to another computer. These files could include photos, PDFs, documents, or even programs. The files are shared and transferred via the internet in most cases.

In layman’s terms, FTP creates a digital bridge between two computers. Data such as files can be transferred safely over this bridge. If you have a decent internet connection, it will also be quick and efficient as well.

Today, there are various sites and programs that facilitate FTP transfers, but not all are created equally. More on that later!

Why would I want to use one?

FTP servers are very popular with businesses of all sizes that want to keep their files and data safe. Typically, a company will decide to use an FTP in order to enhance data protection for their company and the users within it. Companies often have huge swathes of data and are keen to find ways to manage it effectively and safely. There are multiple instances in the business world whereby colleagues will want to share files. For example, when designing a website and sharing graphics, sharing a dossier such as a legal or accounting file, or even updating/restoring files from the system.

But even individuals find a need for FTP servers. There are many reasons why your average person might need to send or receive files through an FTP. For example, sharing photos after a night out, backing up files from your computer, or even sharing tracks you’ve made and recorded at home, are all viable reasons why you would need a FTP. 

A good quality FTP can make file sharing easy. It can also do away with items like thumb drives , CD’s, or other removable storage devices. However, you want to make sure that your FTP solution is secure and therefore, might want to consider GoAnywhere’s Secure FTP Software.

How do I find a good one?

So as we mentioned before, not all FTPs are created equally. When file sharing, you need to consider who else has access to, or a copy of the data you want to share.  We recommend a streamlined Serv-U web FTP client that allows the transfer of larger files. This solution is flexible and built into your web browser meaning it’s easy to transfer, manage, download, and even delete directly from a program you are familiar with.  Look for one that offers you a free trial so you can try it out and make sure it works for you before you buy.

For those that work on computers or similar digital devices, a reliable FTP service is a must. It will make your life easier, speed up the things you need to do, and help you with many of the tasks you need to complete on a daily basis.

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