When Kristen McAtee, Scotty Sire’s ex-girlfriend, asks if he cheated on her, Scotty’s current girlfriend speaks up for him

At the beginning of February, social media stars Scotty Sire and Kristen McAtee posted a video with the caption, “we broke up.” This showed that the couple had decided to end their relationship. Fans were shocked to hear this because Scotty and Kristen had been together for five years and seemed to be doing well in their relationship. The couple said in the video that they loved each other, but they also said that they had grown apart after dating for so long and wanted some time to explore their lives on their own. After more than three months since the dramatic breakup, some fans wonder if Scotty has found a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Is Scotty Sire seeing someone new as his girlfriend?

There is some doubt in the comments for Scotty’s most recent video, “This made her cry,” which is about his and Jay’s new roommate in quarantine, Jac Anderson. Even though Scotty hasn’t said, confirmed, or denied that he’s in a new relationship, some people think he is (another social media influencer and entertainer). In the video, you can see Scotty and Jac giving some of the cats they have taken care of to their new owners. Is it possible that they might be falling in love with each other? Several fans seem to think this is true after seeing Jac sleep in Scotty’s bed.

Who is this Jac Anderson person?

TikTok and Instagram are two social media sites that Jac (short for Jacquelynfavorite) likes to use. Nearly 40,000 people follow her on TikTok, and just over 230,000 people do the same on Instagram. If anything happens between her and Scotty, Scotty will have a hard time winning her over because she is a huge Tom Holland fan, and he loves Tom Holland a lot. We don’t know much about Jac, except that she is 27 years old, from Long Island, and just moved to Los Angeles.

On February 5, 2020, Sire posted a video to his YouTube channel titled “We broke up” McAtee said on the podcast “Oddadvice” that the couple was still living together when they decided to break up to get out of their lease on the property. Breakups are discussed in depth during the whole second episode of the podcast. Kristen McAtee said she first heard about her breakup with Scotty Sire in the tabloids and on the Internet. It was weird to read other people’s thoughts on my life, and the way they talked about it made it sound like they were talking about a TV show.

And, ‘Oh my God, what the hell is going on over here?’ Also, things like, “Did someone steal? Who was telling lies? The story started to change almost 180 degrees. I’m thinking, “Wait, did someone cheat? For the simple reason that he hasn’t cheated on me, to my knowledge. There is no supporting evidence. After the breakup, McAtee claimed that Sire quickly found a new love. She said that she was “substituted” in several kinds of media, like social media and YouTube thumbnails.

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