Where Does My Name Come From, and Who Passes Away: Choi Mujin or Jiwoo?

My Title is about Jiwoo’s trip, which took her five years and all the things she did to find the person who killed her father. As far as she knew, her father had broken the law by not doing what he should have. He worked for the Dongcheng Cartel, the most powerful and important drug organisation in South Korea.

The last time Jiwoo talked to him in My Name, she told him she could no longer look forward to seeing him, which led to him going home. Law enforcement officers followed her because they had issued an AMBER alert for Donghoon. Her school had to move her owing to the many police officers who were seen on campus regularly.

Why did Choi Mujin offer Jiwoo his assistance at the beginning of My Title?

When Jiwoo desired retribution in “My Title,” she experienced a level of wrath that she had never experienced before. The plan was to hunt out the individual responsible for her father’s death and execute that person. Choi Mujin was the one who assisted her in understanding that committing a killing is not something that should be handled lightly.

The character of Choi Mujin was introduced to the public as Donghoon’s closest friend and confidante. Both of them were employees at Dongcheon and were subjected to a variety of hazardous working circumstances together.

Jiwoo put her faith in the person who was a close friend of her father because she believed he might help her find the murderer. Mujin did make good on his promise to aid her, but before he did so, he inquired as to whether or not she was certain that she could deal with the outcomes of her decision. Jiwoo was a member of the Dongcheng muscle that worked out at the gym where Jiwoo worked.

Jiwoo was subjected to sexual harassment for a similar reason, but Mujin was the one who ultimately assisted her in figuring out the situation inside the Korean drama. In the story “My Name,” Mujin is the one who helps her become strong and intelligent, teaches her how to fight, and obtains a secret identity for her so that she may carry out her vendetta against the person who murdered her family.

Why, in the end, did Jiwoo move against Mujin in My Title?

But before he died, Gangjae sent Jiwoo’s father a picture of him in a police uniform through a messenger service. From the badge, it was clear that he was meant to play the part of Track Joonsu on the show. She did talk to Mujin about it, even though he tried to control her, but he failed. In My Title, he told her that her father had been a police officer but that after joining Dongcheon, he had turned against his team.

Jiwoo tried to find out the same thing from Giho, and that’s when she learned another shocking secret about her father: Joonsu was working under a false name until he died in My Title. When he discovered that his closest and most trusted friend had betrayed him, he told his team everything he knew about Dongcheon, and Mujin killed him.

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