Who is Adam Waldman? Analysing the reasons for the attorney’s withdrawal from Johnny Depp’s case against Amber Heard

In Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s continuing defamation action, the actor’s previous attorney suddenly comes under criticism. Newsweek says that Adam Waldman will be testifying as a witness as the trial nears its end on May 27th, 2022, the day for closing arguments. Waldman defended Depp throughout his divorce procedures until a judge found journalistic leaks. A leaked tweet also reveals Amber Heard is insulting her ex-former husband’s lawyer. Thus many people are curious to learn more about legal practitioners. 

Amber Heard ‘Mocks’ Johnny Depp’s Dismissed Lawyer

During the divorce procedures, Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp was first represented by Adam Waldman, but he was eventually dismissed from his legal team. In October 2020, Courthouse News Service reported that Judge Bruce White threw Waldman off the case for leaking confidential material to the press. An old tweet has emerged, purportedly showing Amber Heard making fun of Johnny Depp’s lawyer’s height after he claimed that her allegations of domestic abuse were a “hoax.” The Independent reported this.

Defamation trial attendees saw a social media post from Heard responding to a tweet from Adam Waldman on March 26, 2021. After a UK judge denied Mr Depp’s request to appeal his lawsuit against The Sun tabloid, Walman took to Twitter to undermine Heard’s abuse accusations. Heard then mocked Mr Waldman’s height, saying, “Yes, Mr Waldman, I may be wearing makeup today, but you’re still short.” Because it included sensitive information, Twitter suspended Adam Waldman’s account, and he has now deleted the offending message.

Who Is Adam Waldman?

According to Newsweek, lawyer and lobbyist Waldman will join the ongoing litigation pro hac vice (for this case exclusively) in September 2019. The lawyer who previously represented Depp was also the chairman and president of the Washington, DC-based Endeavor Group, which provides cutting-edge, client-specific consultation services. In addition to wishing Johnny Depp a happy birthday, @adam.waldman’s Instagram page is full of pictures from his personal life, including those of his wife and children, as well as professional information. The lawyer’s online profiles indicate that he is based in Washington, DC. According to VimBuzz, Waldman has four children, three girls and a boy, and a net worth of around $2 million.

Participation in the Defamation Court Hearings

According to reports from the Independent this week, Depp’s request to dismiss Heard’s countersuit against him was turned down. After the publication of her 2018 op-ed, the actress filed a counterclaim, alleging that Depp had defamed her in many press remarks made through his then-attorney, Waldman. In those remarks, Waldman referred to Heard’s accusations of domestic violence as a “hoax” and an “ambush” planned and carried out by Heard and her associates.

On Tuesday, May 24th, Depp’s legal team argued before Judge Penney Azcarate that Heard should have sued Waldman instead of Depp and argued that the countersuit should be dismissed. However, the court denied the motion because, according to the reasoning presented, there is sufficient evidence to establish that Waldman made the remarks on behalf of Depp and that a jury should hear the matter.

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