Who is Ava Louise? Ava Louise explains what happened before Antonio Brown’s meltdown, Details discussed

The night before NFL star Antonio Brown stormed off the pitch during a game, Instagram influencer Ava Louise said in an interview with the Daily Mail that Brown had sneaked her into his hotel room. Several text messages were also exchanged between Brown and the model before he famously walked out. The 33-year-old player for the Buccaneers had to leave Sunday’s game against the Jets. He blamed having to play on an ailing ankle that ultimately needed surgery for his actions. In an interview, Ava Louise said that Brown’s desire to spend the night with her was why he had to slip out of bed early the following morning before meeting with Tom Brady.

Who is Ava Louise?

The model on Instagram is currently 23 years old. During the peak of the coronavirus epidemic, she became an overnight sensation when she licked a toilet seat as part of a viral challenge. She shot to fame in 2019 after an interview with Dr. Phil in which she said she’d rather die hot than live unattractive. Ava Louise also succeeded with a song named “Skinny Legend Anthem” that she uploaded to TikTok. A viral star named Charli D’Amelio also performed the song on the same platform. Now, the model has amassed over 378k Instagram followers.

Model Ava Louise reveals the truth about what took place

They started talking on Instagram. Ava Louise told the Daily Mail. They didn’t meet until New Year’s Day. She had plans to spend the night with her friends, but Brown messaged her and asked her to meet up with him instead. A “bonus” was on the table if she only stayed the night and “hung out” with him. Louise said she was nervous about seeing the athlete in person but felt compelled to do so “to figure out what’s going on” after receiving voicemails where he rambled on incoherently. There were rumors that the model checked into his hotel at 11:15 p.m. after sneaking past security. According to NFL Covid guidelines, athletes must be isolated in a “bubble” where they cannot interact with fans. Louise reported to the Daily Mail that Brown was shouting about Covid rules and restrictions.

To the model’s surprise, Antonio Brown also dropped hints that he would depart the team the next day. He allegedly told Louise, “I’m going to offer you tickets, I can’t wait for you to watch what I do tomorrow.” Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Brown ignored Ava Louise’s text regarding the athlete’s outburst on the pitch, which she sent to him. When pressed for an explanation, she said, “I had no intention of exposing Antonio Brown ever, but then I watched what occurred, and I thought, ‘oh, my God, I’ve witnessed the events building up to this and I’m implicated.'” This was the night before the notorious storm out. Honestly, he was muttering so much that I could only make out fragments of what he said. This dude did not look well at all. The model was concerned about Brown’s mental well-being. As of this writing, the latter had not responded to questions about their encounter with Ava Louise.

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