Who is Bethany Martin? Texas teen arrested after Snapchat video shows her stealing necklace from the corpse, Details discussed

People on social media are outraged because a young person posted on Snapchat a video of themselves taking a necklace off the neck of a dead body and wearing it. The man shown in the video was ultimately determined to be Marcus Adams, and the investigation into his death led detectives to conclude that he had taken his own life. More than $9,000 has been contributed to the GoFundMe campaign that Marcus’s family set up to pay the costs of his funeral. Bethany Martin, the young woman responsible for stealing the jewels, has been the focus of a lot of criticism despite the many tweets that honor Marcus.

Who is Bethany Martin?

Bethany Martin, who is now 17 years old, was born in the state of Texas, but she now lives in the form of California. This month, she came to the attention of many people when she was caught on video, with a younger friend, stealing a necklace from a deceased corpse and sharing the gruesome incident on Snapchat.

Bethany takes the corpse’s necklace

Early this month, Bethany and her buddy found a corpse in a drainage ditch southwest of Bexar County, Texas. The deceased has not been recognized. They then removed a necklace from the dead body and posted a video of themselves doing it on Snapchat. According to a document obtained by KSAT from the police department, the younger friend removed the pendant from the chain because she felt it “suited her fashion sense.” They were venturing into uncharted territory when the children told the authorities that they came across “something strange along the drainage ditch and went to take a look” at it. They first contacted a male friend, who arrived to assist in identifying the body, and then they contacted the authorities. The sheriff’s office was subsequently made aware of the Snapchat clip, which had gained much traction online.

Arrest and charges have been levelled against them

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office notified PEOPLE that Bethany had been arrested and charged as an adult with “felony theft from a human corpse or burial.” Bethany is accused of stealing items from a human body or burial site. However, she was just released after posting a bond of $2,000. There have also been claims against her partner, but since she is so young, she has remained anonymous. The girl, identified only as a 16-year-old, told police that she had put the pendant from the man’s chain onto her gold necklace because it ‘suited her fashion sense.’ The boy surrendered the medallion to the authorities, who presented it to his family as thanks. Martin was arrested on Tuesday and accused of theft from a human corpse or burial, according to the authorities of Bexar County, who confirmed this information to the local TV station. The younger girl is accused of stealing from a human body as part of the allegations against her.

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