Who is Briana Singleton? Rick Ross will pay $11K in monthly child support to his baby mama, Details discussed

The most current court documents acquired by TMZ reveal that the artist Rick Ross is compelled to make child support payments to Brianna Singleton for $11,000 every month. The court documents state that Ross is the one who is responsible for paying the premiums for the children’s health insurance. He will provide $7,560 to Singleton and the kids’ extracurricular activities. The attorney for Brianna has agreed to accept a payment of $25,000 from the rapper. Before reaching this decision, it was determined that his monthly income was $585,000. Singleton’s salary was estimated to be $142,000.

Brianna Singleton, Rick Ross’s baby mom

Briana Singleton, better known by her stage name Briana Camille, is a social media personality who once dated Rick Ross. She is the successful entrepreneur behind the online sportswear company Fit by B. Camille, which she named after herself. The garment line was formed on “principles and concepts that the woman’s body is always changing and that women must embrace it,” according to its website. Briana wants to raise awareness about the negative impacts of body shaming so that she may continue the company’s mission, which is to celebrate women of all ages, sizes, and forms.

TMZ claims that Brianna and Rick are the parents of twins. It is alleged that Rick has made every effort to take care of the children and that he has never assisted with the DNA tests. Singleton was taken aback when he presented her with a Mercedes SUV as a gift shortly after the birth of their first child. Even though they are still arguing over who the biological father is, Singleton maintains that Ross continues to assist her financially.

Rick Ross and Briana Singleton’s record of disagreements

In 2020, Brianna Singleton required Rick Ross to go through the COVID-19 screening process to see his children. In the Georgia county of Fayette, a lawsuit and a request for an emergency hearing have been submitted. She wanted to ensure the rapper was clean of Covid before interacting with his children. She told him she was expecting the couple’s third child in the future.

During that time, Brianna claimed that Rick had not been with his children in over half a year and that he had not effectively secluded himself while the virus was ongoing. She was concerned about his frequent marijuana use and social media postings showing him beyond Georgia. Given that every precaution had been taken to secure the safety of the children, Singleton did not have a problem with Ross’s parenting style.

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