Who is Chris Chan? Details of Chris Chan’s trial and court case explored!

There are rumours circulating on the internet that the case against Chris Chan will be presented before a grand jury. As of today, a member on Reddit claimed to have heard from a legal clerk that the vlogger’s case “had been authorized for Grand jury.” There has been no internet notification that is considered to be official about the matter. However, the internet community is certain that the YouTuber will be prosecuted.

Who is Chris Chan?

Chris Chan, whose full name is Christine Weston Chandler, was taken into custody in August of this year in Richmond. After it was discovered that the designer had intercourse with her demented mother, who was 79 at the time, she was imprisoned without bail. The online celebrity said she had sex with her mom once every three nights in a phone conversation. According to Chandler’s recorded phone conversation, her mom made the initial move and was “somewhat bewildered” by the act itself, so they had to do it a few times before they got it right.

According to a Facebook post from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, YouTuber Chris Chan has been arrested and charged with indecency. It is not apparent whether Chandler has been charged with any additional crimes. Today, Reddit user u/pt924 reported they had contacted a legal clerk about Chris Chan’s hearing status. Today, another YouTuber by the name of SmokeyMcC uploaded a video titled Chris Chan Is Going To Trial – The Prison Saga Begins, in which he played an audio clip of a conversation between a person and a legal clerk, in which the clerk confirms that Chandler’s case is “certified to Grand Jury.”

What’s a grand jury? Complete information about the possible trial of Chris Chan

According to Merriam-Webster, the evidence that has been gathered against a person who has been accused of committing a crime is reviewed by a Grand Jury. After reviewing the evidence, official charges will be filed, and the defendant will be brought to trial. The Grand Jury investigates the evidence presented against the accused but does not determine whether the accused committed the crime.

At the very beginning of the investigation, it is only their responsibility to establish whether or not criminal charges may be brought against a certain person. The Grand Jury has the authority to issue a summon for the production of evidence and the testimony of any relevant parties. At the time of writing, neither the number of judges nor their identities had been revealed in Chandler’s court case.

It is also yet to be determined whether or not the Grand Jury’s proceedings will be videotaped for public viewing. As some of our reliable sources have said, this isn’t Chandler’s first brush with the law. After Chandler’s mother ran over a shop manager with her automobile, the court ordered both of them to pay a fine, do community service, and go on probation for a year.

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