Who is Jacqueline Guzman? Actress fired for viral street closure outburst at NYPD cop Jason Rivera’s funeral

On January 28th, theatrical actress Jacqueline Guzman of New York City faced intense outrage online. During the funeral procession for fallen NYPD officer Jason Rivera, certain streets in Lower Manhattan were blocked, and she posted a disrespectful rant about it. Guzman remarked, “Like this is insane”, in a now-deleted TikTok video. What if someone nearby is suffering a heart attack? There’s just one officer there, so that no one can get to them. The actress made the statement as hundreds of cops marched down the street to pay tribute to Rivera, implying that the 22-year-old had been killed because he had made a mistake in his duties.

Jacqueline Guzman deletes her social media accounts due to inappropriate remarks 

After receiving a massive reaction on social media for her insensitive remarks, Guzman decided to remove her accounts. Due to the public outcry, she was dismissed from her job at Face To Face Films, an indie film studio in New York City. Guzman was pressured to remove her accounts as people swamped the platforms with responses to her insensitive remarks. Sad that people’s hearts have hardened to the point that they feel nothing for the bereaved when a loved one is murdered, one user tweeted. I think it’s great that New York City is honouring this police officer with a proper send-off. I hope that peace and order may be restored. May the Lord bless the police force. Face To Face Films, an indie film business located in New York City also fired her. Face To Face Films issued a statement on their official Facebook page confirming that Jacqueline is not affiliated with the company.

Who is Jacqueline Guzman?

Even while it seems that all references to Guzman have been removed from the internet in the wake of the tremendous outcry, a profile about the actress can still be seen on the Face To Face Films website. It was mentioned in her biography, which has since been taken off the website, that the actress was originally from the city of Hialeah, which is located in the state of Florida. According to reports, the Cuban-American actress discovered her love for acting during her time in high school.

According to her profile, her friends convinced her to try out for Almost, Maine. Reportedly, this audition made her want to try acting on a more serious level. According to rumours, Jacqueline Guzman studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and even received a diploma. The question of whether or not she continued her education after high school is left unanswered. She appeared in several revivals of canonical works during her time at the AADA.

Guzman played Shakespeare’s Friar Laurence, and he also played Madge in William Inge’s Picnic and Noon in Phillip Howze’s Frontieres Sans Frontieres. Juliet and Romeo. After finishing college, Guzman pursued instructor certification in the Alexander Technique for acting. She founded her own production company, Exhale, go Productions, and was involved with the American Theatre of Actors.

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