Who is Jeon Jung-hyun? Get to meet the BTS Jungkook’s older brother, Interesting facts explored!

Jeon Jung Hyun, the elder brother of BTS Jungkook, has once again garnered a lot of attention. According to Biz Hankook, this time, it’s because Jungkook has given him the rights to the condo in Yongsan City Park, where he lives. The apartment has an estimated market value of 4 billion KRW, or around USD 3.4 million. Fans aren’t surprised by the move, seeing that Jungkook is expected to be worth approximately $20 million by 2021. While the star seldom mentions his brother, Jung Hyun is known to have a strong bond with his sibling and the rest of the BTS members.

Get to know Jeon Jung Hyun, BTS Jungkook’s older sibling

Members of BTS are extremely tight-lipped about their personal lives, including their siblings. The older brother of the group’s maknae, Jungkook, has been a mystery until now, but ARMYs have uncovered, if not everything, a substantial amount of information about him. Although many details about Jung Hyun remain unknown, his public Instagram account gives his admirers a clearer idea of who he is and what he does. Fans call Jungkook “Golden Maknae” because he inherited their best traits. And thus, it stands to reason that Jung Hyun is also a very gifted individual, which captivates the interest of ARMYs everywhere.

Personal information about BTS Jungkook’s older sibling

Channel Korea reports that among his followers, there is a split opinion over the year he was born; some say he was born in 1994, while others think he was born in 1995. There is no hard proof of his actual age, but based on what his supporters have seen, he is at least two years older than our maknae. We know he enjoys sketching, painting, and photography since he has shared a few humorous moments with the BTS members on Instagram. As his old Instagram was loaded with amusing drawings of the members, it’s safe to assume that Jungkook’s older brother is the largest ARMY. Jung Hyun has often given the public a glimpse of his creative side, whether to celebrate the group’s Billboard award or to prank the group’s oldest member, Jin.

More informative details about Jeon Jung Hyun

In addition to his painting skills, he has also published several really funny cartoons depicting some of the most memorable events in the history of BTS. Another thing we don’t know is how Jeon Jung Hyun looks. The so-called “artist” has never shared any images of himself online, including selfies or any in which his face is visible. The only images of him online are those he took as a toddler or ones that Jungkook himself published, which are either too far zoomed out or taken from the rear. Sungjin of DAY6 was sometimes mistaken for Jeon Jung Hyun in online picture swaps. However, fans of Korean pop music soon realised that wasn’t the case. Since Sungjin also has a large, round nose and doe eyes and nearly looks just like pre-debut Jungkook, we can see how the rumours began.

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