Who is Jose Trinidad Marin? What happened to him? Details About Jenni Rivera’s Ex-Husband explored!

Jose Trinidad Marin, 59 years old, is a notorious Mexican criminal. José Trinidad Marn rose to fame after marrying Jenni Rivera, an internationally famous singer, and composer of Mexican and American descent. Jenni Rivera, an iconic American singer, and philanthropist, died suddenly on June 25. Billboard has reported that she was the most successful Latin artist of 2013. Jose sexually abused his children and his sister-in-law while he kept his relationship with Jenni. The disgusting man received the appropriate sentence of 31 years in prison for his actions. The actual trial took place a good number of years ago. There is a lot of curiosity among the late singer’s fans about whether or not Jose is still alive and whether or not he is still serving his sentence.

Who is Jose Trinidad Marin?

José was born in Mexico and has citizenship in both the United States of America as well as Mexico. His parents spent most of his childhood in Mexico before transferring the family to the United States. When Jose and Jenni started going out together, he did everything he could to make ends meet, so he took every job he could find. In about the same period, he began a lucrative career as a restaurant manager. Instead of going to college, he recommended that Jenni stay home and care for their children. Rivera, who had legitimate cause to disagree with him, became the victim of physical assault after becoming the target of his aggression. Following the conclusion of his marriage to Jenni, he relocated to Riverside County and began a new life there.

Details about Trino Marin’s ex-wife Jenni Rivera

Rivera began her career as a singer in the late 1980s; her first album, Enamorada (1995), brought her considerable popularity. It produced three songs that reached the top 10 in the United States: “I Bet You” and “La Bic.” She was well-liked by her audience, contributing to her successful music industry career. When Jenni Rivera was just 15 years old, she and Trino Marin fell in love after meeting for the first time. In 1984, José Trinidad Marn and Jenni decided to make their relationship public by getting married. They chose to have a ceremony that was not too grand.

Jenni reportedly tied the knot with Trino, who was 20 years old, while she was just 15. The heartbreaking tale of Jenni Rivera encourages people to keep fighting for what they want in life, even when they feel like giving up. She never hesitated to devote her whole efforts to the pursuit of the things that interested her. She’s the best at utilizing music to spread optimism. She was determined to find pleasure despite the tragedy that had befallen her, and the tale of how she did it inspires the millions of others who are also searching for love.

Relationship details of Trino Marin and Jenni Rivera

In 1984, the couple tied the knot. When Jose married Jenni, she was only 15 years old, and he was only 20. Jenni was seven months pregnant with the couple’s first child when they were married. It was their first kid. You could believe that if you marry the person you love the most, you will be happy together no matter what the future holds for either of you. Jenni and everyone else sent their wedding wishes to the happy couple. From the beginning, she had problems with her spouse abusing her. Her husband’s history of sexual assault included her and her sister and their two children.

Family details of Trino Marin and Jenni Rivera

When Jenni’s parents got married and had their first kid, she was a high school sophomore. On June 26, 1985, she gave birth to a daughter named Chiquis Rivera. Jenni had only turned 18 when she became a mother, yet she still managed to graduate from high school and provide for her new baby. After some time, on November 20, 1989, Jenni and Marin became parents for the second time to a little girl whom they called Jacqueline. A few years later, on September 11, 1991, they became parents for the first time to a boy whom they called Michael. They are all succeeding in the fields that they have chosen to work in. As the oldest child, Chiquis carried on the singing legacy of the family. While this was happening, the other two decided to become actors and seek careers in Hollywood and Mexico.

Jennifer Rivera and Jose Trinidad Marin divorce

After going through unimaginable mental anguish for a long time, Jenni decided to quit. The court granted her divorce in 1992 after she had first petitioned for it in the early 1990s. A court has decided that Rivera should have custody of her three children. At first, Jenni said that she had divorced Jose because of his aggressive and abusive actions toward her, but later she changed her story. After the divorce was completed in 1997, she became aware of the issue surrounding her ex-sexual spouse’s alleged abusive behavior.

Assaults on Trina’s Daughter and Sister-in-law

Jenni Rivera’s first spouse was responsible for Janney Rivera and Jacqueline Marn’s injuries. After that point, the criminal’s prison sentence will continue according to the original schedule. It is well known that the lead singer of the Band Diva, Jenni Rivera, had a prosperous career in the music industry; nevertheless, her personal life was quite a different story. The turning point in the singer’s life came when she discovered that her now ex-husband, Trino Marn, had abused his children, Chiquis and Jacqie, and her sister-in-law, Rosie Rivera, when they were younger. Trino Marn is now 43 years old.

According to the website, late singer Jenni Rivera learned in 1992 that her husband, José Trinidad Marn, also known as Trino Marn, had tortured his children. After being made aware of this horrifying fact, the Justice seized control of the Diva belonging to the Band. Unfortunately for the Riveras, nine years ago, Trino Marin fled and has been on the lam ever since. Because Jenni Rivera had the guts to go on television and blow the beans in 2006, which led to a fan tracking down the fugitive after the big lady recounted what had occurred, the police were ultimately able to capture Trino Marn in that same year. With the assistance of a retired FBI agent, Jenni and her family successfully captured the creature.

Reasons for Jose Trinidad Marin’s 31-year prison sentence

In 1997, Jenni Rivera’s elder sister, Rose Rivera, went public with allegations that their family member, Jose Marin, had been abusive and violent towards her. She said he sexually attacked both of his daughters. The fact that these horrible deeds were carried out over a prolonged period was the part that was the most upsetting. At first, many people disregarded her accusations as nothing more than rumor; but as medical discoveries supported her account, people worldwide began to condemn the horrible murder. Because of the widespread coverage of this incident, Jose was able to evade detection for nine years until he was finally apprehended in April 2006. He was ultimately found guilty in 2007 and sentenced to 31 years after Jenni’s hard campaigning.

The court proceeding for Trino Marin, Jenni Rivera’s husband

The legal battle between Jenni and Trino lasted a year until the judge found Jose guilty of the crime. Marin was given a sentence of 31 years in jail after his trial. According to Deputy District Attorney Mark Burnley, the sentence was handed down due to eight major charges committed. Indecent actions with a kid, serial sexual abuse, and severe sexual assault on a juvenile might be classified under this heading. The oldest daughter of Trino, Chiquis Rivera, said, “I have forgiven my father, and I still love him.” Maybe he believes I’m trying to hide something from him. Nevertheless, there is no way to escape the reality that he is my father. It is still unclear why she would have suddenly claimed this. 

Jenni Rivera: Things kept going from bad to worse

The family was finally able to put the painful nightmare that had been the legal processes behind them after Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband Trino Marn was arrested and taken into jail. In light of this, the Diva de la Banda admitted she had been through a challenging period. Still, she said she was resolved to continue her career because she wanted to be a positive example for other women. During the legal procedure, the artist said, “Yes, we had to revive things that we had already hidden, but I think it is necessary for a complete recovery. Also, my mission is to help other people who have gone through the same thing.” Trino Marn made fun of Lupillo Rivera in court, and Lupillo’s son Michael was assaulted by his father when the judge freed the defendant on a $1 million bond after the court case.

Recent details of Jose Trinidad Marin? How’s His Relationship With His Kids? 

The fact that Jose’s children continue to get along with their father despite the sins he has committed may come as a surprise to you. On her wedding day, he bestowed the name Chiquis to his oldest daughter. Her father phoned her in 2019 when he was doing time in prison, only a few days before her wedding to Lorenzo Mendez. Chiquis has published the video documenting the event on her YouTube account. Jackie walked into Chiquis’s room while they were conversing on the phone. She greeted Chiquis’s father by saying, “Hi, I have your little girl here,” and then passed the phone to Chiquis. The dad and his kid spoke to each other for a while. In addition, Chiquis asked that her father say a prayer for the company they were in. All of this points to the fact that Jose now has a better connection with his girls than he did when they were younger. Jose seemed to be taking responsibility for his misdeeds and changing his behavior.

Jenni, his ex-wife, died in a plane crash in 2012

After they finalized their divorce, Jenni eventually distanced herself from Trino Marin. She successfully gained custody of her children and ensured they were healthy. Juan Lopez was not the very last man that she married. Despite this, the pair parted ways in 2003. After a long courtship, Jenni ultimately wed Esteban Loaiza, a former baseball star in Mexico, in 2010. When the helicopter Jenni was riding in crashed, she was on her way to Toluca, Mexico. She had a Voice appearance to attend to. On the day she died on December 9, 2012, rumors had it that Jenni was going through a divorce from her third husband.

Jenni and the other people riding in the helicopter passed away at 43. On December 31, 2012, she was put to rest after passing away. After their mother passed away, her five children supported and comforted one another in various ways. Chiquis, being the eldest, had a tremendous role as a mother figure to her younger siblings. Despite the various highs and lows that their mother’s life experienced, the children remained resilient and supportive of one another.

Imprisonment and Release date of José Trinidad Marín

Many sources claim that José Trinidad Marn has been freed from jail or will do so shortly. He has repeatedly pleaded with the authorities and the court to allow him to depart due to the significant improvement in his conduct. On the other hand, the general public and the media have not yet forgiven him for the heinous crimes he committed against his wife, his sister-in-law, their two children, and even his workers. Because of this, no one has requested Trinidad to apologize, and a significant number of people have signed petitions urging that he stay imprisoned until the date of his planned probation has passed.

Final words

Jenni Rivera’s first husband and ex-husband, Jose Trinidad Marn, is now incarcerated in the United States. He became famous when allegations surfaced that he had sexually molested Rosie, his daughter, and his brother’s wife. Everyone found out about the incident after the couple finally broke up and divorced each other. However, he has made amends with his family members, and things are moving in the right direction.

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