Who is Justin Murdock? Lana Del Rey’s ex-boyfriend allegedly punched his girlfriend, Details discussed!

After claims that he attacked his girlfriend, Justin Murdock, who once dated Lana Del Ray, was recently sentenced to time in jail for assault. It is reported that Murdock, who has a reputation for being a playboy, punched his model girlfriend in the face when they were attending a Halloween party in Los Angeles. During a Halloween party that was being hosted at the Scarface residence in Beverly Hills on October 24, 2021, the two individuals were purportedly attacked by a third party.

When Talia Skye who was Murdock’s partner of 24 years, decided to leave the celebration earlier than planned, rumours have it that this led him to lose his composure. While Skye was returning to Murdock’s house, she asked a friend to pick her up through a text message she sent to the friend. Additionally, Skye expressed her concern that Murdock may hurt her somehow. It is said that Murdock assaulted his model lover before her friend could arrive at the scene. When Skye’s friend pulled up, according to her account, she saw her friend weeping and lying on the driveway. In an interview with the Daily Mail, she stated, “I grabbed her up off the ground, and I saw her face.” It had completely bloated and taken on colour between green and blue.

Who is Justin Murdock?

In addition to Murdock, David Murdock, who used to be the chairman of Dole Food Products, does not have any other surviving relatives. There have been rumours that the 49-year-old millionaire has been romantically involved with the pop artists Avril Lavigne and Lana Del Ray. These rumours have generated a lot of headlines. Justin Murdock, who was once the CEO of NovaRx, is currently serving in the same capacity at Activate Immunotherapy.

Additionally, throughout his tenure at Castle & Cooke Inc., he held the position of vice president of investments. Deborah Murdock, a former employee of Castle & Cooke who claims to have been the target of sexual harassment, filed a lawsuit against him in the year 2010. According to the complainant, Murdock threatened to fire her if she objected to him forcing her to use her own credit cards to organise intimate meetings for him and also forced her to use her own credit cards.

The lady alleges that he forced her to create a Facebook account under Cobra McJingleballs, where he then posted offensive content after having bullied her. Despite this, Murdock’s legal representation stated that their client was cleared of all charges. He and Talia Skye were brought together by a third party, who was also responsible for introducing them to Murdock. They went on their first date in August of 2021 when the millionaire brought Skye to the mansion that belonged to his father in Thousand Oaks. Justin Bieber, who sings the song Sorry, allegedly dated Skye at one point and later uploaded an internet photo with the two of them together.

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