Who is Lars Itzo? What happened to him, and did he kill Debbie Kelly, his wife? Details explored

This particular episode of Dateline, The Silhouette, on NBC News focuses primarily on the murder of a woman named Debora Kelly, who was 48 years old, and the investigation into her murderer, Lars Itzo. In October 2015, the body of Kelly was discovered inside her home in San Antonio, Texas, having suffered a gunshot wound. After calling 911 and attempting to revive his wife, her husband, Lars Itzo, opened fire on her and shot her many times. The trial began in 2016 after the tragic event that caused shockwaves to be felt throughout the entirety of the state of Texas. Continue reading to learn more about the present circumstances surrounding Lars Itzo and the inquiry.

What happened to Lars Itzo, and did he murder his wife, Debbie Kelly?

In 2012, builder Lars Itzo made the acquaintance of his future spouse, Debbie. She had just purchased a property at the time and enlisted his assistance in improving it somehow. National Surgical Healthcare vice president Debora was known for her work ethic, positivity, and dedication. In addition, it was anticipated that she would be obliged to travel frequently for professional reasons.

The Silhouette reports that Debora “got a thrill out of Lars’ easygoing style” and loved his interest in repairing muscle vehicles and playing vintage video games. They started dating a year after they first met, hitting it off immediately. On October 10, 2015, Lars shot Debbie, although he claimed he did so because he was afraid that intruders were in his home. Lars told the police that he assumed she was still in bed with him and that he notified her before getting up to check if someone had broken in, but he was promptly taken in for questioning once the incident occurred.

However, the law enforcement officials did not trust him and believed that his display of anguish was phony. Later, during the trial, the prosecution alleged that Lars had lied to them about his attempts to save his wife’s life, and they continued to press for a conviction of murder. The evidence presented by the prosecution demonstrated that Lars’s motivation was jealousy since Debora had the position of Vice President at National Surgical Healthcare, whereas Lars worked there as a contractor. It was believed that he resented that his wife made more money than he did.

Despite this, the jury decided that the defendant was guilty of manslaughter rather than murder and imposed a sentence of 15 years in prison on him. In addition, he was given a punishment of $10,000. To fulfil the 15 years remaining on his sentence, he has been moved to the Terrell Correctional Facility in Rosharon, located in Brazoria County, Texas. December 14, 2031, has been designated as Lars’ formal release date from state jail. On the other hand, this inmate, who is 54 years old, will become eligible for parole on June 15, 2024.

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