Who is Oh Yeong-su? Get to meet the old man from the Squid Game, Details of the actor explained!

There were several outstanding acting turns in Squid Game, but one of the greatest was by Oh Yeong-su as the Old Man. Squid Game is now the most-watched original series on Netflix in the world. People can’t stop talking about this Netflix series, which has been described as having the potential to become the company’s highest-grossing show ever. 

Get to meet the Oh Yeong-Old Man character in Squid Game

The identity of the mastermind, the so-called lovely Old Man, was revealed in the season finale, and it was one of the most shocking twists of the show. In the season finale, it’s revealed that the designer of this horrific, cruel game is No. 001. From the start of Squid Game, the elderly guy is presented as the underdog due to his age. The elderly guy, physically frail and suffering from a brain tumour, is yet clever enough to figure out most games and aid his side in their victory in the tug of war. Many viewers were taken aback and ultimately dissatisfied with the big surprise. The elderly guy was one of the show’s most endearing figures, and when he selflessly seemed to give his life to rescue Gi-hun, many viewers cried. 

How did the old man develop Squid Game?

In the last episode of the season, the elderly man reveals to a horrified Gi-Hun that he designed the game himself. To add insult to injury, he said that the inspiration for this game was nothing more than an attempt to stave off boredom. The elderly guy explained his position by saying that having money makes one tired of everything. Oh Il Nam and his similarly wealthy clientele were bored with their lives, so they invented a game as vicious and nasty as ancient Roman gladiator displays. He told Gi-hun that everyone involved had voluntarily participated and could leave anytime. 

Despite this, most people kept coming back for more. The elderly guy admitted that his tumour was genuine and he was dying. For this reason, he decided to participate in the games instead of merely observing them. He was willing to sacrifice everyone’s lives if it meant getting the chance to revisit his boyhood. Unfortunately, the elderly guy doesn’t know whether he lost his last wager until after he’s already passed away.

Get to meet the actor Oh Yeong-su

Even though most people were shocked by the ending, everyone agrees that Oh Yeong-su did a fantastic job portraying the character. His extensive career is evidence of Oh Yeong-superb su’s performance. Despite the backlash his character is getting, the internet is already praising his performance. However, the big revelation in Squid Game has raised even more doubts. Many viewers have speculated what might have occurred if the grandfather had been killed in the brawl. The elderly guy knew about the games, giving him an advantage. If there is a Season 2, creators hopefully will address these concerns from viewers.

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