Who is this person named Rebecca Soteros? Everything you need to know

Meadow Walker, the daughter of Paul Walker, got married to Louis Thornton-Allen, the man she had been seeing. The 22-year-old woman told her followers on Instagram through a series of photos and videos taken during the ceremony. Louis and Meadow married only a few short months after they got engaged. In August, the model was seen in an Instagram video showing a huge diamond ring on her finger. This led to rumors that the couple had already told everyone they were getting married.

On October 12, the foundation’s founder, Paul Walker, also posted a photo of himself and his beautiful girlfriend wearing appropriate wedding ribbons. A caption next to the photo said, “Paul Walker and her handsome man. On a black-and-white video montage from their wedding reception, the newlyweds can be seen posing for the cameras and having a good time with their guests. The young bride was joking with Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster, who worked with her father on Fast and Furious.

After some time, it was clear that Vin Diesel was taking his father’s place on the route that went through the Meadow. The actor is also the godfather of the latter, and since Paul Walker died in a car accident in 2013 that killed four people, the two have become very close. Meadow Walker is her father Paul Walker’s only child. Rebecca Soteros, the late actor’s ex-girlfriend, gave birth to their daughter before he died.

Meadow Walker’s mother, Rebecca Soteros, is here to introduce herself

Rebecca Soteros is well-known for being the mother of the late actor Paul Walker’s only child and for being his ex-girlfriend. Before the Fast and Furious movies made the actor famous, she dated him for a short time.

Rebecca Soteros was born in 1974 to parents Mark and Julie Ann Soteros. She and her brother Joshua spent their childhoods together. She went to the Village Village Christian School in California and got her diploma there in 1992. She also has a bachelor’s degree in teaching high school and works as a teacher for a living.

The woman from California started dating Paul Walker in 1998, and they had their first child together the same year. Still, the couple broke up rather quickly, and Rebecca moved to Hawaii with her child. Meadow Walker moved back to California to live with his father when he was 11. Since then, he has been living there.

Custody of her child

After Paul Walker died too soon, Rebecca returned to California to be with her daughter. She was seen comforting Meadow Walker at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, where the actor’s nonreligious funeral was held.

Meadow will be looked after by Paul Walker’s mother, Cheryl Ann. Before he died, Paul Walker was named Cheryl Ann Meadow’s legal guardian. Because of this, Rebecca and Cheryl got into a tough legal battle over who should take care of the child. Rebecca had been convicted of drunk driving before, so the court would not give her custody of the child. On the other hand, Rebecca was allowed to go to California to raise her child after she finished a rehabilitation program and did it well.

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