Will Luffy Live or Die in the Last Episode of One Piece? Detail of the anime and speculations explored!

With Eiichiro Oda’s recent announcement that the One Piece series is likely nearing its end and with the recent dramatic changes to the One Piece universe after the Wano arc, a pressing topic has arisen among fans throughout the globe. Did Luffy ultimately perish in the One Piece finale? Some of the fan hypotheses that have been circulating on social media sites like Twitter, Reddit, and Discord aren’t unreasonable.

Speculations on what may have happened to Luffy in One Piece

Most Monkey D. Luffy’s devoted followers believe their favorite character will perish in the last chapter of the One Piece anime. While the timing and cause of Luffy’s death are up for discussion, the majority agrees that it will happen eventually. The public fears Luffy may get the same illness that killed Gol D. Roger. Now more than ever, Luffy will discover One Piece and ascend to the throne of the pirates. Yet his own life is the price he must pay to realize his ambitions. Throughout the manga, writer Eiichiro Oda is known for dropping hints and easter eggs about what will happen in the future. Oda also has a talent for tying up story threads, even if he chooses to drag references from episodes hundreds of episodes back. There have been many hints throughout the series that fans have picked up on, leading to considerable speculation and expectation over Luffy’s ultimate fate.

Many hints that suggest what may happen to Luffy

Doctor Kureha, at 141, is the oldest human character in the series. But that’s really because she knows so much about medicine and surgery. It’s reasonable to presume that the typical human life expectancy in One Piece’s world is around a hundred years. The characteristics of Gum Gum neutralized many strikes that might have killed Luffy. His physical health is suffering as a result. Luffy’s longevity and health have been beaten during the One Piece series. Every time he utilizes his Gear 2 or Gear 3 abilities, Luffy puts his body under tremendous stress, reducing his longevity.

Furthermore, despite Ivankov’s warning that consuming adrenaline would substantially reduce his lifetime, Luffy had Emporio Ivankov inject him with the hormone numerous times amid desperate situations like attempting to rescue his sworn brother Ace. After Luffy was poisoned in Impel Down, he received hormones to help him recover, but the side effect was that he aged ten years more quickly than normal. In other words, Luffy has already lost at least 30 years of his lifetime.

Concluding Thoughts

Author Eiichiro Oda has no plans for Luffy to age and become a senile, responsible old man. Thus, Luffy will likely win One Piece but die before the story concludes. Fans, however, need not worry. The manga shows no indications of finishing anytime soon and is expected to run for at least a few more years, during which time we will see Luffy finally achieve the peak of his quest and become the Pirate King.

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