4 unusual ways to ask a man out on a date

Who said girls shouldn’t take the first step? Let’s leave outdated stereotypes in the past. Many guys like brave, distinctive, free-spirited women who aren’t afraid to take responsibility for their lives. Here are four unique approaches to asking your man out on a date. We’re confident he’ll be pleasantly surprised by your bravery and won’t be able to say no.

1. Write him a letter

No, no, this is not about email. Write him a regular letter. Paper letters are timeless classics, and as you may know, classics never go out of style. Your message may be designed as a basic invitation and sent as a postcard, or it can be enclosed in a gorgeous envelope. Decorate the invitation according to a theme, such as “Game of Thrones” style, including a stamp from one of the Houses featured in the series. Send the letter to your man’s address – you may also engage a courier for such an essential issue who will ensure that the invitation reaches the intended recipient. If you don’t have his address, seal the envelope and send it to your selected recipient via friends or common acquaintances. And if you are a brave and not shy girl, then give personally into his hands.

2. Order him a pizza

Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? It would seem how pizza and date are related? However, conventional wisdom holds that the only route to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Order a pizza for him and specify in the notes section that the courier must inform the receiver of the time and location of your meeting. Are you worried that you’ll encounter an unethical courier that won’t deliver your package? Then go to a pizzeria and speak with the manager in person. In the pizza box, write a letter of invitation to the date. It’s not an issue if a man doesn’t like pizza: just order something else (for example, sushi). If he adheres to a rigorous healthy diet and counts proteins, fats, and carbs, order a low-calorie meal or lunch for him; he will be grateful.

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3. Make a presentation or landing page

This strategy will absolutely fit you if you have presentation design or web design expertise. Make a sales pitch or landing page with facts about why he should go on a date with you. Information should not be squeezed into a presentation or web page. Everything should be concise, clear, and humorous. Write five reasons why an evening with you will be unforgettable, or five interesting facts about yourself. Your goal is to pique his attention and demonstrate your individuality. Send him a ready-made presentation through messenger, e-mail, or social media wall – such an invitation will not be overlooked.

4. Send him balloons

Order a lot of huge balloons, write your date’s time and place on them, and deliver them to your chosen one by courier service. Do you believe that balloons are more of a surprise for girls, and that such a present would be unappreciated by a genuine man? This isn’t correct. How about Star Wars characters, heroes from his favorite video game, or characters from the same Game of Thrones? You may now order any print on balloons, so let your creativity run wild. Another alternative is to attach colorful balloons to a tiny basket and place a message inside with an invitation to fly away together on an exciting adventure. Remember to provide the meeting time and location so that the guy understands when and where he may meet the originator of such a unique invitation.

Any concept that develops and takes root in your mind will have an effect on your life. Any dream is given to us with the strength to realize it. The only question is what are we doing with this resource. So, be brave and make the first step to invite the man you like out on a date.

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