5 Main Advantages of a Temporary Phone Number

Cell phones have become more than just a part of many people’s lives in the 21st century. A user’s mobile number is linked to his or her account at a bank, social network platform, or other web-platform. But agree that you don’t want to use your private phone number everywhere, especially when it comes to a little-known platform. But what if you can’t register without a phone number? Of course, you can go and get a new SIM-card, but it will take you a lot of time and money. It’s much easier to get a temporary phone number to receive SMS online. It’ll make your online messaging much easier and won’t hurt your privacy.

What is a Temporary Phone Number for Text?

In appearance, a temporary mobile number does not differ from a traditional phone on a physical carrier (SIM-card). This is its main difference from a regular phone number, there is no need for a SIM-card or a phone to use a virtual analogue, because it operates online. The purpose of this option implies receiving text messages via the Internet, namely for mass registrations on websites, applications, social networks, messengers and others.

But what about the other benefits? Let’s look into it.

1. No hardware required

If you have an Internet connection, you can receive SMS online. All you have to do is connect a virtual cell phone number at a specialized online service. It works just like the private number you get when you buy a phone, but without the physical device associated with it. You buy a temporary phone on an SMS verification service, and you can immediately start receiving messages as if you had a phone.

One of the major benefits this brings to organizations is that they don’t need to sign long or expensive contracts with mobile networks, and they don’t need physical equipment. In turn, that means they can allow multiple users to receive messages simultaneously and en masse at no additional cost – and even in some cases allow them to opt out of company cell phones entirely, thereby adding value to the feature.

2. Protecting your privacy

Want to remain incognito and not have your data published online? That’s one of the major perks of a virtual phone number. You can also buy a cell phone with a SIM card tethering anonymously, but it will require some effort.

3. Lower cost compared to a regular mobile number

It is cheaper to buy a virtual number than to purchase a real number (SIM card based). This is because virtual phone services are fully automated and services have contracts with telecom operators. While buying a traditional SIM card will cost you a few dollars or more, the price of a temporary phone number starts at a few cents.

4. Legality

The legislation does not limit the purchase of virtual phones in any way, and it is a fully legal service. Registration with such numbers at various services is also not punishable. Security services do not pay much attention to such accounts. As for getting SIM cards without providing personal data, it can only be done through “gray” schemes.

5. No geographical reference

An undoubted advantage of such a solution is also the absence of geographical binding. If you are based in one region of the country, but you need to register in the application, which is not available in your country – temporary phone number is a great solution. You can get a phone number from any operator in any country regardless of your current location.

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