6 Ways To Change Your Home Office for 2023

Working from home can have many benefits, but changing up your environment is still necessary to boost productivity. To continue working remotely without becoming too comfortable or bored in your home office, try changing it up. You do not have to spend a lot of money or time doing so. Even small changes can make a major difference. For some inspiration, check out these ideas. 

1. Try New Virtual Background Options

Do you sit through online meetings with a blank white wall behind you every Monday? One of the most cost-effective ways to regularly change your environment is by doing so virtually. With a Google Meet background image and other virtual software, you can make your location different every time you interact with colleagues. 

2. Have A Different Office Every Day

Speaking of regular changes, another way to have a different office every day is by incorporating an alternating Microsoft Teams background into your work life. For holidays and special events, you can also customize the background to be fun and festive. It may seem like a simple detail, but it can totally change your online experience. 

3. Use a Back Pillow

Do you ever experience back pain related to sitting at work too much? For a more discrete way to instantly make your home office more comfortable and enjoyable, consider using a back pillow. Good posture can have a big impact on physical well-being, and working from home can do some harm in this area. 

4. Organize Cables

If you are like many office employees, there are probably too many cords and cables that surround your workstation to count. While this sight is not uncommon, it can also be chaotic to look at. It can also present hassles if or when you ever need to move or change your computer equipment. For another easy way to quickly make changes to your home office, tidy up your cables and use the extra space for a small plant or photos.

5. Let In Natural Light

How many windows are in your home office area? Whether you prefer a blank wall or you use Zoom office backgrounds to create a personalized effort for your remote work, finding ways to let natural light into your space can significantly change the appearance of your environment as well as the overall effect that it has on your work and your mood.

6. Consider Different Furniture

Looking at the same room design and decor gets old. Changing office furniture is another big way that simple changes can totally alter a home office. The best part is that furniture changes do not have to be new or expensive. Many thrift stores sell quality items for a fraction of new prices,  and you can even find places that will deliver directly to your door.

Working from home can be a rewarding experience, but regularly changing your environment is often necessary for individuals to remain happy and productive. Use these tips for inspiration as you consider ways to change up your own home office.

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