7 Reasons To Take an Alaskan Cruise

If you have been thinking about going on an Alaskan cruise, doing so could be a good idea for several reasons. Not only is a cruise vacation the perfect way to prioritize relaxation while enjoying the benefits of travel and exploration, but it is also an excellent opportunity to taste new foods, meet new people and appreciate the ocean. For more inspiration to take a cruise to Alaska, consider these eight reasons why you should. 

1. Eat Fresh Seafood
Do you enjoy eating seafood? Without a doubt, the availability of fresh seafood is a top reason why you should book a 2023 Alaska cruise vacation today. Whether you want to dip your king crab legs in butter or try one of the five types of Alaskan salmon, there are many options to choose from. Plus, you do not have to limit yourself to on-cruise meals. During your stoops, make time to try different local restaurants and bars.

2. Enjoy Activities for Everyone
When you go on an Alaskan cruise, another great perk is that there are activities for everyone to enjoy, regardless of who is in your group. Plus, did you know that Alaska vacations are one of the top destinations for multiple generations? No matter what age, there is something for everyone to appreciate about this type of trip. From fishing to sightseeing, hiking and more, you are sure to find something to make the adventure great.
3. See the Glaciers
If you think of giant glaciers when you think of Alaska, there is a good reason for that. With around 10,000 glaciers, Alaska is a very unique place to visit. Despite how many glaciers are in Alaska, however, many of them are inaccessible. One thing that makes cruise trips to Alaska so special is that cruise ships can take you up close to glaciers that are otherwise difficult to access. 
4. Experience the Inside Passage
In Alaska, there is a place called the Inside Passage that consists of thousands of islands and hundreds of miles of rainforest coastline. While you are there, you can spend time admiring the incredible trees and other vegetation, but you can also spot unbelievable wildlife, including orcas, humpback whales and more. 

5. Have Great Photo Opportunities
While nature and glaciers are a sight to see, they are not the only natural wonders to appreciate when you are enjoying a cruise to Alaska. In addition, you will have numerous other great photo opportunities of other amazing views. After all, Alaska is also home to:

  • Beautiful fjords
  • Waterfalls
  • Lakes
  • Snow-capped mountains

No matter where you go or what you do, you are likely to encounter fantastic photo opportunities. If you can, try to get a balcony room on your cruise so you can wake up to incredible sights first thing in the morning.

6. Go on Amazing Excursions
When you are not taking in the incredible views from the cruise ship, you can take time to go on fun excursions whenever the ship docks at each location around Alaska. For example, you might want to take a trip on a ship that the Deadliest Catch television show featured, or you may prefer to try dog sledding. If you love being outdoors, there are also plenty of places to spend time in Alaska’s beautiful national parks. 
7. Meet the Locals
Whenever you travel, how often do you interact with the locals? If you do not, you are truly missing out. When it comes to Alaska, this is especially true. As unique as a place as Alaska is, the people who live there full-time are an interesting mix of individuals with a diverse set of backgrounds that all have one thing in common: calling the northernmost state home. If you stop into a local bar or restaurant, strike up a conversation with some locals and try to learn a thing or two about the area.
With so many reasons to visit Alaska, what are you waiting for? As one of the most interesting places on earth, it is a fantastic destination for taking a cruise. 

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