Do You Know About Online Free SERP Checker?

Google nowadays is mainly focusing on improving the experience of search engines for mobile users. The main reason behind this is the number of searches that blow up from mobile devices. More searches are done from the devices than the desktop device. Almost 58% of Google searches are found from mobile devices,which is expected to reach 73 % by 2025.

This is why optimization of websites by using mobile SEO is becoming more important. But the main problem is that most of the time, the ranking of search engine defects on desktop and mobile devices. If you constantly focus on desktop rankings,you might find or use rankings on mobile and lose some potential traffic. And this is the reason that you should track your mobile keyword ranking, which will able you to figure out the opportunities and flaws in your strategy of mobile SEO.

What is mobile rank tracking? Keywords tracking

Mobile rank tracking is mainly considered a tracking procedure of online free serp checker on mobile devices. You might be getting confused about the difference between desktop frame tracking and mobile rank tracking. The main difference is that most of the time, the keyword ranking depends upon the device, and the main reason behind this is that Google wants to provide the best experience to the user based on different devices.While tracking your rankings of desktop keywords, you might also lose a lot of potential on mobile devices and higher rankings on mobile traffic.The highly recommended trackers provide both free and paid subscriptions. The free tracking works the same as any general page regarding the statistics up to limited attributes provided. The paid versions have managerial and guidance services to improve the standards.

Importance of tracking mobile keywords

So the searches on Google are performed on mobile devices, and according to the recent research on Google, 27.8 billion search queries are found from mobile devices compared to desktop devices. And it is also mentioned that after five years, these numbers will explode. Mobile is now known as the future of search engines, but the ranking differs based on the device you are using. You may get one ranking for a specific keyword on a desktop while on mobile devices. That ranking would also drop to five or even less than five. The same ranking of keywordson both desktop and mobile. Open making sure about your website’s ranks on a mobile deviceto optimize mobile on your website.

Along with this, you should also ensure that the website is mobile-friendly and also loa. However, the optimization process alone will not help in improving your keyword ranking on the mobile search engine. So for getting the rank on top of the mobile search, you should track your mobile keyword rankings. This is based on the keyword performance that you have created in your strategies for optimizing your website for further getting better search rankings on mobile.

Process of tracking mobile ranking

You have got a lot of information about the tracking of mobile ranking and its importance now you will know about the actual process of tracking the mobile keyword the best way for tracking the keyword ranking is using Google search console along with keyword position that shows you different kinds of valuable data and insides of keyword required for ranking your website. You can observe the number of clicks on the search result you got and the click-through rate of the pages from which countries you are utilizing the traffic, and the type of device that drives most of your traffic.

Many top-ranked tracking software will provide you with accurate ranking by using artificial intelligence and some complex set of algorithms. Also, as you are not dealing with any ordinary keyword rank tool, you have to look for other advanced features and many options that will help you track keywords for ranking on both desktop and mobile devices smoothly.The best keyword rank checker tool is very easy to use and is also simple for understanding.

You have to enter the domain as per your peace to find your keyword’s related position, which can be for different websites, including your website or your client’s website, and even your competitors. And then, you have to enter your target keyword, but if you don’t know about these processes, then try to enter one or two phrases of the word that describe the type of products, services, and content provided by your business. This type of process provides the services for checking the website’s current position that you are searching for.

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