Ellen Pierson personal life, career, and Net worth

The Kardashians are undoubtedly the most popular family in the celebrity world. It is a massive family, as most members have been through divorces and relationships, which makes it a bit complex. But there is a Kardashian who has always been away from the limelight, and her name is Ellen Pierson, better known as Ellen Kardashian. She was the third wife of Robert Kardashian, who was also the ex-husband of Kris Jenner and father of Kourtney, Khloe, Rob, and Kim Kardashian. Ellen is hated by most members of the Kardashian clan, which is the primary reason that she never came into the limelight.

Early life

Ellen is nearly 69 years old and was born in America. She is of white ethnicity, and the only fact that makes her popular is that she is the widow of Robert Kardashian. Most of the Kardashian fans don’t know that Ellen Pierson even exists. If we talk about her early life, there is no information available about her early education, family, and childhood. She only came into the limelight when she made some shocking revelations about the Kardashians.

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Career beginning

If we talk about her career, she was involved in the business of Real Estate when she met Robert, and at present, she works as a Director of sales. If we believe the details on her LinkedIn profile, she worked in Carlsbad, California, at the Western Title Resources. Her profile was last updated with these details in 2013, and she has been working at this place for more than 25 years. However, there is no evidence that if she is still employed there or not.

Ellen is mainly known because she has ‘Kardashian’ as her last name. There are no more details about her career or profession. She is the widow of Robert Kardashian, and that’s the only reason that maker her popular.

Personal life

Ellen Piersen met in the year 1998, when Robert Kardashian’s second marriage was finished with Jan Ashley, and once the formalities were done, he started dating Ellen. According to her statements, Robert and Ellen dated for around three years before they both got hitched in 2001. Her personal life has been full of controversies as her husband died after two months of their marriage.

Her husband used to write daily journals which had all the details about his personal life, family, etc. There are rumors that Ellen leaked out sensitive information and details from Robert’s diary and sold it to a celebrity Magazine known as ‘In Touch.’ She leaked messages which said that Kris used to abuse her daughters and was cheating on Robert while they were married. Kardashian siblings claimed that all the diary messages were fake, and they also sued Ellen with Copyright claims. They won the case, and Ellen had to pay them the amount she earned from selling the diary messages.

Net worth

If we talk about the net worth of Ellen, it is around $1 million. Her husband was a millionaire and died after two months of their marriage. So, Ellen acquires a considerable portion of her husband’s wealth and is living a luxurious life.

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