Horror Film Lovers; Here is the Must Consider List

Dust off the VCR for a fun-filled night of horror fun with friends or family as you get spooky and go back in time with a few classic horror movies every fan must watch. Whether you’re a fan of monster movies, slasher flicks, or sci-fi, classic horror films offer bone-chilling, scariness you won’t soon forget.

As one of the most diverse and profit-generating movie genres, horror movies continue impressing generation after generation, though it doesn’t get better than the classics. The 2021 remake of Candyman netted more than $22 billion in its opening week, and profits have always been significant in this genre. People excitedly wait for releases of their favorite horror movies.

If you’re ready to become the ultimate horror movie fan, sit down to watch the following horror movies as soon as you possibly can. Each title on this fantastic list of movies is a must-see for any horror fan.


The defining work of Alfred Hitchcock, this 1960 psychological slasher thriller, shocks from start to finish with equally disturbing music playing in the background.

Most people recognize Psycho from the knife behind the shower curtain photo on the movie and book cover.

In this flick, a woman goes on the run after stealing a large sum of money, staying one night at a motel run by Norman Bates and owned by his mother, who had been long dead but sat in a chair where she “overseen” the motel.

Marion soon learns what a psycho she has encountered that dreadful night.

Hitchcock, often referred to as the true “Master of Suspense,” had no idea the film would be as popular with horror fans in 2021 as it was in 1960!

The Shining

Younger people may have never watched The Shining but certainly know at least a handful of lines from the movie. Heeerrre’s Johnny! Is one of the most popular of these lines from the psychological thriller from Stanley Kubrick based on a novel written by Stephen King.

What happens when life is all work and no play, and you go insane? You kill your whole family, at least in Stephen King’s mind. Intense and filled with suspense from start to finish, leaving viewers unsure of what to expect next. Jack Nicholas plays the role phenomenally. This film adaptation of King’s book should be on the top of the must-watch horror movies.


The original 1978 Halloween movie and subsequent sequels are shown every October 31st for an even creepier Halloween in horror movie fan tradition. What better day of the year to watch a Halloween movie about a crazy killer than on Halloween?

John Carpenter popularized the movie franchise as we see the story of Michael Myers single-handedly take down every teen who comes his way, all after his release from the mental asylum where he spent 15-years after murdering his sister.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

No must-see classic horror movie list is complete without including the 1974 movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This movie has all the ingredients for a gruesomely unforgettable film.

A family headed to visit their grandfather’s grave find themselves upon what appears to be an abandoned house. Exploring the property would be the biggest mistake the family ever made.

They’re met with a chainsaw-wielding maniac with an equally crazy family who holds them hostage in a macabre slaughterhouse of horrors. They only want the visitors to stay a little longer.

Terrifying, intense, and emotionally scary, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a movie that might cause nightmares when you go to sleep at night.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Kreuger seeped into our nightmares back in 1984 when Wes Craven delivered the A Nightmare on Elm Street movie, another must-see classic that began a franchise over the years. If you fall asleep, Freddy is coming for you. The film shows teens desperately trying to stay awake -and the destruction Freddy caused when they allowed their eyes too close.

Freddy isn’t the average person in this world. He was a child murderer in real life, now a boogeyman living through the fear and guilt of the parents who set him on fire and murdered him so many years ago.

One, two…Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four…better lock your door.


Classic horror movies put us in touch with our greatest fears, trickle the area of the mind often forbidden, and instill the correct type of fear into our hearts. Check out the flicks on this list, and perhaps you’ll get far more than you anticipated from your horror-movie viewing experience. Consider this list and add delight to your movie experience!

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