NFL Betting: 5 Things to Consider

The world of NFL and sports betting is quite exciting. As much as the NFL season always gives us thrilling matchups, throwing in football betting takes the whole experience a level higher. First of all, it allows you to test your football knowledge, and it also gives you a stake in the game. This makes it even more interesting to watch America’s favorite sport.

But before you dive into the world of football betting, there are some important factors that you need to consider. These are the factors that majorly influence outcomes, and you should consider them before each bet.

Injuries and Roster Changes

In the off season, there are lots of trades and new acquisitions that take place. It’s important that you look carefully at this as new players joining or key players leaving can have a huge impact on the team dynamics and also affect the performances positively or negatively. Before you place your wager, how have the off-season activities affected both teams?

But an even more important consideration is player injuries. Before a game or even during the game if you are live betting, ensure that you consider any players that may have been injured or are simply not available. When a star quarterback or a key defensive player is missing, this can have a dramatic shift in the odds.

Team Performance and Statistics

How a team is currently performing can be said to be the most important consideration when placing a bet in the NFL. So before you put your wage, ensure that you take some time to analyze the two teams playing. Check their records, both home and away, over the last several games. Ensure you also consider how a team has performed in the past against the current opposition and other teams that play in the same style.

During your analysis, there are several key statistics you can consider. Some are offensive and defensive rankings, points per game, yards gained or allowed, and turnover differentials. These will help you understand the various strengths and weaknesses of a team.

Weather Conditions

Of the four major American sports, the NFL is the one known for bracing harsh weather conditions. While it also has its share of domes like the others, most games are played subject to the will of Mother Nature. The weather usually has a significant effect in betting, especially when it comes to betting in totals (over/under).

If there’s heavy rain, snow, or strong winds, you can expect that the scores will be low. And if the conditions are in the extreme, it can also affect the team dynamics. A team that relies on a potent passing game may struggle more than one that has a strong rushing attack. As such, ensure that you look at the weather conditions, especially in colder months and in the northern and eastern states that have unpredictable weather. Moderate weather conditions may not have an effect though.

Travels & Home Field Advantage

The NFL often involves traveling long distances. When the schedule is tight, these travels begin to have an impact on the performance of a team, especially if the team is crossing multiple time zones. Such disruptions sometimes reflect on the field.

Conversely, playing at home usually comes with some advantage, and this is backed by statistics. Teams often put on stronger performances when they have the home crowd behind them and are playing in familiar surroundings. The team playing at home will also not have to deal with the stress of traveling.

Historical Matchups

The history of matchups between teams is another key factor to consider, and you can use it to get insight into what is likely to happen. The reason for this is that some teams perform consistently well when playing against opponents that have a particular style of play. As such, you can consider previous matches in terms of recent results, the margin of victory, and whether the teams have a history of high-scoring or low-scoring games.

But while doing this, keep in mind that a lot may have changed since the last matchup. Ensure you take note of any changes that have taken place in the roaster or the coaching staff.

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