Top Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring A DJ for Your Wedding

A wedding is one of the most important days of your life. This is the day you will majestically walk down the aisle and live to remember. That’s why everything should be right. You should wow your visitors. Besides making the reception area thrilling, you need the right music. That’s where hiring the best DJ comes in. Avoid making the following mistakes if you want to hire a DJ in Perth who can make the day thrilling.

No Amateur DJ

Deejaying is a profession. Thus, you should choose a professional DJ. Thus, choosing an amateur DJ is a mistake. Also, avoid choosing a DJ who takes deejaying as a hobby. Don’t choose a part-time DJ. It’s like putting the most important day on someone who doesn’t take it seriously. Choose a qualified DJ. Look at his/her equipment. Choose a DJ with immense experience when it comes to handling weddings. Remember, wedding preparations can be detailed. That’s why you need a DJ who understands the whole process.

Not Paying Attention to References

References can help you get the best DJ. Thus, not banking on references is a big mistake. That’s why you need a facility-recommended DJ. If he/she has no references, stay away from him/her.

Not Hiring Early

Of course, finding a good DJ isn’t easy. However, that doesn’t mean you wait until the last day to make a move. Doing it easy makes the process easy. Remember, you need to book a good DJ. Good DJs must be booked early. It’s also important to have a deposit contract.

Not Keeping the Guests Engaged

Choose a DJ who will interact with your guests. This is the only way he/she can give the guests entertained. Thus, don’t hire a quit DJ. Ensure that he/she can speak with your guests over the mike. Choose a highly skilled and experienced DJ hire in Perth—especially when it comes to keeping the guests engaged.


Deejaying is all about versatility. It requires a DJ who can handle different events, people, and even situations. Thus, not paying close attention to versatility when hiring a DJ is a mistake.

Not Meeting Your DJ Before the Wedding

Don’t just hire the DJ and wait for the last day. Meet him/her before the wedding day. This will give you time to interact with him/her. It will also help you exchange notes on playlists, guests, event details, as well as itinerary.

Back-up Plan

A good DJ should have a backup plan. This includes equipment, power supply, etc., Remember, anything can happen. Thus, you should go through your DJ’s backup plan. Ensure that the backup plan is good and satisfactory.

The Bottom-Line

You have waited all your life. The day is finally here. You are about to walk down the aisle. But wait, did you know that music can uplift the day and make it sensational? Yes, it’s a fact. Hire the best DJ and let the music do the talking. Avoid making the above mistakes when shopping for the right wedding DJ.

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